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Seyi Vibez’s ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ Stays Longest #1 Album on Spotify and Apple Music

Seyi Vibez’s ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ Stays Longest #1 Album on Spotify and Apple Music 

When Seyi Vibez’s album “Billion Dollar Baby” was released a year ago, it solidified his reputation as a creative trailblazer and a torchbearer who mentors those who find comfort in his story.

Motivated by a relentless quest to fulfill his potential, the project served as a means of both granting him that chance and broadening his creative horizons.

This album is a colorful mash-up of inspirations that beautifully captures Seyi’s style and essence. It explores the sensitive aspects of the human condition, including hopes for personal development and the hedonistic impulses woven throughout his everyday existence.

The 16-track album tests the limits of the street-hop subgenre’s sound and offers a model for success in the present Afrobeats scene.

Seyi Vibez has developed a devoted fan base since becoming well-known with his crappy single “Chance,” and this is demonstrated by the project’s reception and performance on a number of streaming platforms.

Amazingly, “Billion Dollar Baby” has received over 86 million streams on Apple Music and 32 million streams on Spotify.

With ‘Chance’ peaking at #2 on the Top 100, the project achieved the top spot on Apple Music Nigeria’s Top Albums chart. In the 24 hours following the project’s release, every song also made an appearance on the Top 100.

‘Billion Dollar Baby’ also received over 350 million plays on Audiomack, 174 million plays on Boomplay, and a healthy 9 million views on YouTube in total.

The extensive reach of ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ is attributed to the strategic placements the project received, underscoring the expertise with which Dvpper Digital, under the leadership of Ademola Alugo, promotes and markets its clients.

Seyi Vibez has leveraged his early career successes and established himself as a prominent figure in Nigeria’s music scene with the help of Dapper Music and Entertainment. CEO of Dapper Group Damilola “Dapper” Akinwunmi praises “Billion Dollar Baby,” an album that fans adore and that he personally believes is a timeless masterpiece, calling it a turning point in Seyi’s career.

Through this collaboration, Seyi Vibez’s artistic abilities have been effectively highlighted, bringing his craft to the attention of music lovers in Africa and beyond.

In celebration of ‘Billion Dollar Baby’s’ one-year anniversary, the musician has announced the availability of signed vinyl copies of his debut album.

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