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‘Merry Men 3’ Dominates Nigerian Box Office for Two Weeks In A Row 

Merry Men 3 topped the charts again this weekend at the Nigerian box office.

Recent records from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria show that between October 20 and 22, 2023, the crime comedy grossed ₦19.4 million in total. With this, its total earnings since October 13, 2023, have reached ₦50,193,256.

As a result, AY Makun’s film is currently the most-watched Nollywood production in theaters. Nigerians are obviously still enamored with the titles that are currently on display, even though no new ones were released over the weekend.

The most recent Merry Men film, which is the third in the series, tells the story of an old friend seeking revenge on Dafe, played by Chidi Mokeme, for abandoning him in Russia during one of their previous missions.

In addition, he pursues dishonest politicians because he feels the group has not done enough to exact the proper punishment.

Sandra Okunzuwa’s Something Like Gold reached #4 on the chart with ₦5.4 million over the course of the weekend. After a month of screenings, Kayode Kasum’s film has made ₦50,022,850 in total revenue.

The Scar is ranked 11th with ₦350,600 and a total gross of ₦2,989,575, and A Weekend To Forget comes next with ₦2.4 million and a total of ₦46,441,975 at the 7th spot this time.

Still showing in cinemas is Kesari with ₦304,000, making it a total of ₦77.7 million in the 9th week of its viewing, and then Orisa at its 14th week at the cinemas with ₦146,000 and a total gross of ₦127,752,950.

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