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Mike Bamiloye Reveals What Will Happen To Men & Women On Valentine’s Night
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Mike Bamiloye Reveals What Will Happen To Men & Women On Valentine’s Night 

The evangelist says that on this day, the spirits of the rivers and oceans are traveling to clubs and gatherings to mix with men’s sons and daughters.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, filmmaker and preacher Mike Bamiloye has issued a warning to the public about what will happen tonight.

The founder of Mount Zion Ministry, who is well-known for his opinions on relationships, has offered his predictions for what will happen to many men and women tonight.

Many young men and women, he claims, will pledge their lives to “marine agents” tonight.

Bamiloye emphasized that many individuals will have lusty encounters tonight and lose touch with God.

On this day, the ignoble spirits of the world’s rivers and oceans are going to clubhouses and parties to mingle with men’s sons and daughters, according to the preacher.

He wrote, “Many people will have a lot of lustful funs today and wake up tomorrow morning as normal, but the truth is: long after a very hot pressing iron had been disconnected from the power source, it would still be hot for a while, until it begins to grow cold. Some power cable would be disconnected from the power source of some people this evening. Some young men and women will place their entire life virtues and destinies in the hand of marine agents tonight. It is an abuse of the day of love.”

In addition, he stated that many men will lie in the same bed tonight with ghosts and spirits from demonic nations who had come to make vows and agreements with men’s kids and daughters, and that blood would flow tonight.

In his words, “Many would sleep on the same bed tonight with ghosts and spirits from demonic kingdoms who had come to make vows and covenants with the sons and daughters of men. Blood would flow tonight. Blood shall be exchanged tonight on covenant beds. Fluids of men shall be submitted tonight in the shrines of evil kingdom . The fortunes and destinies of many young girls and ladies would end up tonight in shrines of money rituals. Destinies and fortunes and meaningfulness of life shall be polluted this evening and by tomorrow, many shall wake up empty and shallow and light, because they have been plundered and all their treasures have been stolen.”

Bamiloye’s cautions are in keeping with his personality, as he has always remarked on relationships, social gatherings like these, and what they imply for young men and women.

Mike Bamiloye dubbed Valentine’s Day “the day of death” in 2021.

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