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A Recap of the 6 Finalist All-Star Housemates’ Interesting Journey on the Big Brother Naija Show

A Recap of the 6 Finalist All-Star Housemates’ Interesting Journey on the Big Brother Naija Show 

In the penultimate week before the big brother Allstars Season 8 concludes, we now have our six finalists. The competition has been intense throughout the season. This week, let’s take a look back at the unique journeys of these finalists, tracing their paths from the very beginning in the house up to the ninth week.


Mercy, the Peper Dem season winner, was the first female housemate to earn the HoH title. She’s had a pleasant rapport with fellow housemates and was often part of the weekly BBFs. There were pointers to a romantic connection between her and Whitemoney, another former BBN winner, which fans ‘shipes’ as “whitelambo.” Later, this developed into a triangle with Pere coming into the picture. Although the relationship wasn’t as strong as Adenita and Somangel, fans held hope for it. Mercy secured her place in the finals, becoming the fourth housemate to do so.


Adekunle’s story mainly revolved around his connection with Venita, which some housemates and fans felt limited his interactions with others. He had altercations with Pere in the early weeks and later with Alex. His relationship with Venita had its ups and downs, but they managed to maintain it until her eviction.


Ilebaye’s stay in the house has been surrounded by controversy, with many housemates feeling she’s manipulative and often plays the victim card. She received two strikes early in the show, but she maintained the two trikes until the ninth week, and into the final. She had several altercations with housemates, including Sheyi, Doyin, Cee-C, Venita, Whitemoney, and a few minor ones. Despite this, she has remained a strong competitor, perceived as one of the top contenders.


Pere started the season as a cunning game player, conspiring with male housemates to provoke female contestants to get physical and get disqualified. He didn’t have any significant romantic relationships apart from his entanglement with Whitelambo, a kiss with Mercy, and his expressed interest in KimOprah, a revelation which subsequently led to his altercation with Doyin. He received two strikes, one for punching a hole in the Big Brother’s House wall during the fight with Doyin and another after a confrontation with Alex. Fan votes saved him from possible eviction last week, securing his spot in the finals.


Cee-C has gained notoriety for her harsh words, which led to a physical altercation with Ilebaye and strikes against her. She continued to have conflicts with Alex, although they later settled their differences and began respecting each other’s boundaries. She secured her spot in the finals by finding the black envelope, and she has no romantic entanglements in her story except she admitting having a crush on Neoenergy.


Cross became the first housemate to secure a spot in the finals by purchasing a direct ticket to the finals, with the Moniepoint coins he bought from fellow housemates. He initially had a romantic connection with Ilebaye, even sharing a kiss. Later, he shifted his attention to KimOprah when she entered the house as one of the selected houseguests. Cross enjoyed several immunities and managed to escape nominations multiple times, ultimately securing his ticket to the finale.

Remarkably, Ilebaye stands out as the only finalist reaching this stage for the first time among the group. This demonstrates the strength and resilience of these housemates as they approach the finals, reflecting their journey and determination in the game.

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