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L.A.X Says The Person I’m Listening To Right Now Is Rema
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L.A.X Says The Person I’m Listening To Right Now Is Rema 

L.A.X, a Nigerian music sensation, discusses his new album on Adesope’s Afrobeats Podcast.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

L.A.X has established himself as an artist adept at creating party-starting singles, which he has continuously provided since breaking into the public over ten years ago.

L.A.X discussed the inspiration for his music in an interview with Adesope on the Afrobeats Podcast. He feels composing music goes beyond gaining attention since clout is the simplest thing to pursue.

“Chasing clout is the easiest thing but I feel like music is more to me than that.”

According to L.A.X, audiences still regard him as a new artist after spending a decade in the business because of his drive to continually adapt and churn out new songs.

“Because I started very young and I am always ready to evolve. Right now, I’m listening to Rema because what he’s doing is crazy.”

L.A.X discussed how he is now captivated by Rema’s music, pushing Afrobeats to new heights with his smash tune ‘Calm Down,’ which has topped charts in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

According to L.A.X, listening to emerging artists and talents helps him comprehend the sound that will influence the future and prepares him to adapt appropriately.

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