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Joeboy Reveals The One Thing He Wants In A Girlfriend
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Joeboy Reveals The One Thing He Wants In A Girlfriend 

In a new interview, Nigerian singer Joeboy says he enjoys ‘wicked ladies’.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

On a StandoutTV episode titled “Grilling with Joeboy,” he discussed his dream girlfriend, whom he characterized as “wicked.”

He stressed that he didn’t mean ‘evil’ ladies but combative women with pizzazz and sizzling energy when pressed further.

The body and soul artiste said, “There is this thing I say, I say I like wicked women. When I say wicked, I don’t mean like the person has to be evil. But there’s a certain… I don’t know how to describe it.”

As the session progressed, he emphasized the need for reassurance in partnerships.

“Me saying wicked women is just like… I love women that have this hot energy around them”, he added.

The singer explained that he believed in the effectiveness of positive words. He said he wanted to travel to regions where he was not widely recognized to comfort his companion.

Mr. Eazi, a Nigerian singer, found the 26-year-old in 2017 and signed him to his record company Epawa two years later.

Joeboy exploded into the music world with his debut song, “Baby.” His song immediately gained popularity, with over 20 million listens on YouTube and Spotify in the first year alone.

Since then, he has become popular in Nigeria, throughout Africa, and even beyond international boundaries.

The whole SatandoutTV episode is available below:

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