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‘I Am Bigger Than You,’ Portable Responds To Goya Menor
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‘I Am Bigger Than You,’ Portable Responds To Goya Menor 

Portable, a Nigerian street pop star, has responded to musician Goya Menor.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Portable is known as much for his pranks as he is for his songs. The musician has wowed audiences with his music while also staying a frequent character in the headlines due to his willingness to start a battle with almost anybody.

Portable has responded to Goya Menor’s statements made during an interview with Hip TV in his current escapade.

During the interview, Goya Menor was asked whether he had any problems with Portable, to which he stated that he didn’t because Portable’s problems are his own.

“I don’t have issues with him. I think he has issues with himself” Before creating a reference, Goya Menor described Portable as a puppy howling at an elephant.

Portable responded angrily to Goya Menor’s words, claiming that Goya had no hit songs and was not as popular in the streets as he is.

Portable asked Goya Menor in Pidgin how many hits he had delivered, how many gigs he had performed, and how many sponsorships he had.

It’s worth noting that the disagreement between Goya Menor and Portable began when they were nominated for the 2022 Headies Awards. Portable was eventually disqualified from the award ceremony after his two nominations were revoked, while Goya Menor went on to win the Street-hop category.

Goya Menor responded to Portable’s accusation that he was unknown on the street by declaring that he was too educated to argue with someone like Portable.

It’s doubtful that fans have seen the end of the back-and-forth between the two because it has been going on for a while.

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