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An Evening with Ama Psalmist
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An Evening with Ama Psalmist 

Blueprint Afric

Michael ‘Ama Psalmist’ Akinrogunde showed up at Blueafric in a pair of shorts, a shirt,  headphones, a beaded wristband, and a pair of mules. He settled easily into the role of a friend rather than a guest. The team played a game of Jenga,  saw Netflix’s  “The Adam Project” movie, and asked him about himself.  

Michael ‘Ama Psalmist’ Akinrogunde,  is also known as the Silver Bullet in the Nollywood cinematic circle. His portfolio includes the production of some of our favorite cinema movies and Netflix blockbusters like “King of Boys”, and “The Ghost and the Tout.”

Here’s how he tackled our questions with answers only “the” Ama Psalmist can give:

Q: Everyone has something they wanted to be growing up. What was yours?

AMA PSALMIST:  Growing up, I remember I loved airplanes and anything that could fly. I remember making a lot of paper and tin airplanes, I can still make these in record time. Googled it so much too! I still hope to get a flying licence someday.

Q: So, what inspired you to choose a career behind the scenes? 

AMA PSALMIST: (He laughs, stacks a brick, and shrugs) I just wanted to be part of the “cool kids” making amazing cinema.

Q: We know how busy you get, so can you describe what your perfect day feels like?

AMA PSALMIST: (Thinks super hard, then sighs with a smile) There are two kinds. Work-perfect day and rest-perfect day. My work-perfect day would involve shooting really beautiful scenes on a film set with an amazing cast and crew. My rest-perfect day would involve being with my close friends, laughing a lot, video gaming, and watching an amazing film with plenty of food!”

Q: You’ve been part of some interesting projects over the years, which of them would you say is your favourite?

AMA PSALMIST: Genuinely, I don’t have a favourite project because every project has its peculiar experiences (Shout out to the Ama Psalmist Visual team).

Q: We just have to ask, what accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?

AMA PSALMIST: I genuinely feel like it’s the summation of the seemingly little things over the years and the evident career growth. ( So… it’s the little wins that also count).

Q: Tell us who your favourite filmmaker is…

AMA PSALMIST: (Looking shocked, but amused) Kuku put a gun to my head o (zips his mouth shut).

Q: Who would you say is a director you would love to work with, both foreign and from home?

AMA PSALMIST: (Laughs heartily at the unexpected question) This question will put me in trouble oooo! I’ll like to pass, please. Well, for Foreign directors, I have looked forward to working with Ava Duvernay, and Ryan Coogler. I also love how Jordan Peele’s mind works.

Q: Can you give us a list of some of your favourite movies?

AMA PSALMIST:   Hard to say. But Beasts of No Nation, King of Boys, The Gods Must Be Crazy, and Queen of Katwe are a few of them (must be hard as a filmmaker). 

Q: If asked to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

AMA PSALMIST:  Easy, Hardworking, Intelligent.

Q:  What 3 words do you think your friends would describe you with?

AMA PSALMIST: Silly, Hardworking, Ambitious (we were tempted to ask why then we remembered what his IG story always looks like).

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