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Estranged Queen Mourns The Death Of Alaafin Of Oyo.
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Estranged Queen Mourns The Death Of Alaafin Of Oyo. 

Queen Ola remembers her late spouse as a closest friend and a father figure to their children.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Queen Ola, one of the late Alaafin of Oyo’s estranged queens, has paid tribute to the respected king upon his death.

On Monday, April 25, 2022, the estranged queen posted a long message on her Instagram page mourning her late spouse.

Many people disagreed with Queen Ola’s assertion that she was the King’s favorite.

“I was thinking it’s all lies and that you are coming back but I’m afraid I was wrong. The father of my kids, that I met at an impressionable age left when it was least expected. Whenever I tell people that the bond we share can be likened to that of a “Siamese”, having been married to you at age 19, they are more that transfixed,” she wrote.

“We were practically best of friends but the moment they had an inkling about whom your favorite was, everything flopped. Alas! the kids and I can’t see you anymore nor converse with you any longer but I vehemently believe you are seeing us, how I wish we can still have few words because I’ve got a whole lot to tell you.”

“I’m bereft of what to tell the boys especially, Adejuwon, because, at his age, he reads and surfs the net so much that curiosity gets hold of him and has already know a lot about you.”

“You remain to me, a best father, teacher and mentor and husband that ever bestrode the landscapes. Almighty Allah will forgive all your sins and accept your return.”

In 2020, Queen Ola was purportedly expelled from the Alaafin’s palace due to suspicions of adultery.

She was said to be dating KWAM 1, a Nigerian music singer.

Later, the singer issued a press statement rejecting the rumors.

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