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How Women Treat Cars

How Women Treat Cars 

Cars are a mode of transportation from point a to b.
For some, a car is more than a mode of transportation, It is an extension of themselves, at least that’s how guys explain it.

The case is totally different from how women tell the story.
We asked some women and this is what they had to say:

My car is an extension of myself to a degree, easy to move, and take care of. Space isn’t a problem as I don’t really need it. Has to be classy, sleek but easy to maintain.

Mrs. Joan Anga, Newly Married (housewife):
If my husband says it’s good. I don’t really need much as far as I can drive it comfortably.

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Cynthia, Businesswoman
I need a capable car, one with enough space that I could use for delivery and also for running errands. I need a well-functioning car that does not consume a lot of fuel and is an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Mrs. Vera Kalu, Soccer mum( kids between 5-12yrs):
Needs lots of space with sustainability. That’s room enough to carry not just the kids but everything they’ll need in between.

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