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Will You Watch Scary Movies For $1,300? Here’s Your Chance

Will You Watch Scary Movies For $1,300? Here’s Your Chance 

A company is paying film buffs to watch scary movies for research purposes. Participants can earn up to $1300. Are you interested?

By Ziibah Njoku

Where are the adrenaline junkies, guess what?! FinanceBuzz is paying you to do what you love – watching scary movies.

They will pay any individual willing, to watch 13 horror movies, the sum of $1,300 in between the end of September and early October. The goal is to research the relationship between the budget and its level of terror. That is if the budget of the movie has an impact on how scary the movie is.

According the the company, during the viewing the contestants’ heart rate would be monitored using a fit bit.
But seriously, being offered top dollar. That’s about #715,000 at the current exchange rate to take part in a movie marathon, that’s the dream. Just let popcorn and slushy be made available. Preferably caramel corn.

The movies in the competition are; A quiet place 1, A quiet place 2, Halloween (2018), Amity ville horror, Anabelle, The Blair witch project, Get out, the purge, Paranormal activity, Saw, Candy man, insidious and Sinister.

Application to be a “horror movie Heart rate analyst” is on going. It will end on the 26th of September 2021 as the winner will be announced on the 1st of October 2021.

So what are you waiting for? Please rush to their website and submit your applications.

Good luck guys.

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