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Victony Collaborates With Don Toliver & Rema For ‘Soweto’ Remix

Victony Collaborates With Don Toliver & Rema For ‘Soweto’ Remix 

The remix of Victony’s international smash track “Soweto,” which is from Nigeria, has been released.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

He uses American pop sensation Don Toliver and Nigerian diva Rema to introduce “Soweto” to a wider audience. This is Victony’s first song to be released in 2023, and he hopes it will be a smash to start the year off well. One of the songs from his last EP, “Outlaw,” which was published in 2023, is the source of the original.

Victony blends his endearing voice with Rema’s enticing flows and a pop star tune by Don Toliver to create a remix that combines Afrobeat’s cadence with universal pop appeal.


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