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US-Nigeria Trade Council Warns Lagos Government Against Immediate Plastic Ban

US-Nigeria Trade Council Warns Lagos Government Against Immediate Plastic Ban 

The unexpected ban on single-use plastic containers by the Lagos State Government, although well-intentioned, may have negative economic implications, according to the U.S.-Nigeria Trade Council USA.

Titus Olowokere, the council’s president, made this claim in a statement that was provided to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday.

Olowokere said that while the council acknowledged the significance of environmental conservation and sustainability, the sudden ban on single-use plastics could present challenges.

Olowokere urged the government to take into account the potential economic impact of the ban and collaborate with stakeholders to implement sustainable waste management strategies that would support entrepreneurship, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

“We firmly believe that this ban will have detrimental effects on the Lagos state economy and exacerbate the unemployment crisis.

“We urge the government to reconsider this decision and take into account alternative solutions that promote entrepreneurship, sustainable consumption, and waste management,” Olowokere said.

The council said that Lagos relied heavily on the plastic manufacturing and packaging industries, which employed thousands of people across the state.

Instead of a sudden blanket ban, he explained, the council had some advice on solutions to mitigate the negative impact on both the environment and the economy, promote entrepreneurship, and pave the way for a greener Nigeria.

He said that the first one bordered on public awareness and education, which entailed implementing public awareness campaigns and educational programs about sustainable waste management practices.

Olowokere clarified that the council was advocating for a more comprehensive approach that balanced environmental concerns, economic sustainability, and job creation.

Olowokere said this could help to minimise the environmental impact of packaging waste. He said that the council also advocated investment in recycling infrastructure.

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