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India Plans to Invest In Nigeria’s Healthcare Sector

India Plans to Invest In Nigeria’s Healthcare Sector 

India declared its intention to invest in Nigeria’s primary healthcare sector through the Nigeria India Business Council (NIBC).

At a press briefing at the Nigeria-India business forum in Abuja, Rekha Sharma, the Secretary-General of NIBC in India, disclosed this information.

The forum, organized under the theme “Expanding trade and investment opportunities between Nigeria and India,” was a joint effort between NIBC and the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (NACCIMA).

Sharma emphasized the significance of the health sector in business collaboration, noting the vast opportunities it presents for both countries.

She expressed the Council’s goal to facilitate joint ventures, particularly in skills development and the exchange of medical expertise, including the training of local medical professionals.

“As NIBC, we aim to bring in manufacturing partners for the production of medical equipment and other hospital services locally. This will contribute to the education and training of the local workforce, presenting opportunities in medicine production, syringes, and other medical devices,” Sharma stated.

The Secretary-General gave an overview of the initiative, emphasizing the establishment of primary healthcare centers with a focus on citizenry and well-being.

She revealed that Kaduna has already established 221 primary healthcare centers, with solar power ensuring a constant supply of electricity.

Sharma provided information about joint ventures with the African Development Bank (AfDB) consortium, which intends to commit more than $10 billion USD to projects that support IT, power, water, sanitation, franchising, and insurance in the healthcare industry.

About twenty-five primary healthcare centers will receive proof of concept from plans, and a grand opening is planned for the first week of April in 2024.

“This program is set to benefit not only Nigeria but the entire African continent. It aligns with the dream of African governments to have interconnected primary healthcare centers linked to larger healthcare facilities,” she added.

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