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Queues Emerge In Abuja As A Result Of Petrol Price Hikes And Scarcity

Queues Emerge In Abuja As A Result Of Petrol Price Hikes And Scarcity 

There are long queues in Abuja filling stations as motorists seek to get petrol.

News Agency of Nigeria

On Sunday, the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reported that most petrol stations were closed, and huge lines were seen in retail stores along the Wuse, Gwarimpa, Wuye, and Kubwa expressways.

Mr Emmanuel Eze, a private automobile owner, told NAN that there was petrol but that he was unaware of the reason for the lines. He urged the government to restore order to the energy industry.

“They encourage black market and most times their fuel is adulterated.

“Why do we have to face this kind of problem every month? We need a permanent solution,” Eze said.

Alhaji Ibrahim Audu, a private car owner, maintained there was enough fuel on the ground, quoting the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

“I urge all the regulating authorities to sanction fuel station owners. They are making people suffer unnecessary and it’s for their selfish reason.”

Mr Yakubu Abraham, a cab driver, claimed he had been at the petrol station since 6 p.m. and had yet to purchase fuel.

“This is my source of livelihood. My family depends on this daily and this fuel problem will slow my productivity and return for the day.

“I am scared of buying from the black market because the last time I did, they sold bad fuel to me and it spoilt my fuel pump and I spent more money in fixing it.

“Everything is hard now and this will be bad for the citizens,” Abraham said.

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