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Peter Obi Responds To FG’s Treason Allegations
Peter Obi

Peter Obi Responds To FG’s Treason Allegations 

Peter Obi has denied charges made by Lai Mohammed that he is seeking to incite insurgency in Nigeria.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has refuted claims made by Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Communication, that he is seeking to incite insurgency in Nigeria.

Obi denied Mohammed’s claim in a statement issued on Tuesday, March 04, 2023, calling it “fictitious.”

“It is regrettable that these repeated attempts to depict me in a manner that is contrary to my true nature and beliefs are coming from such high-ranking officials,” Obi remarked. “Minister Lai’s assertion that I am stoking insurrection is totally malicious and false.”

Obi went on to say that he has never participated in or encouraged anybody to destabilize the Nigerian state, nor has he advocated or preached any action against it.

Those responsible for these charges, he claims, have increasingly used their official positions and agents to level false accusations against him.

“I have always advocated for peaceful and issue-based campaigning, and have never campaigned based on ethnicity or religion,” he added. “I am dedicated to due process and am currently pursuing legal action in court.”

Addressing in Washington DC during official engagements with several international media organizations, the minister said it was inappropriate for Obi to seek redress in court over the election results while encouraging people to violence in the other.

“Obi and his Vice, Datti Ahmed cannot be threatening Nigerians that if the President-elect, Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is sworn in on May 29, it will be the end of democracy in Nigeria.

“This is treason. You cannot be inviting insurrection, and this is what they are doing.

“Obi’s statement is that of a desperate person, he is not the democrat that he claimed to be.

Lai Mohammed’s allegations against Peter Obi were disputed by the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, who declared that he is devoted to peaceful campaigning and due procedure.

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