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Oscars Directs Nigerian Selection Committee To Revote Amid Crisis

Oscars Directs Nigerian Selection Committee To Revote Amid Crisis 

Following the declaration last month that there would be no film submissions, the committee has been rattled by controversy.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Reportedly commenting on the current NOSC controversy, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences offered to get together again for a revote.

Member of the committee Shaibu Husseini said that the Academy had given NOSC an “extension for a final conclusion” by the members.

“I have just been informed that the International Feature Film Executive Committee of @TheAcademy has intervened in the issue regarding the Nigerian Official Selection Committee (NOSC). I note that an extension has been granted for a final determination by the @officialnosc,” Husseini tweeted.

“I also note the IFF Committee’s directive that ‘the ENTIRE approved NOSC will be required to ALL reconvene and make a final determination. Though I resigned my membership of the NOSC because I felt, among other reasons, that we did not reach a CONSENSUS on the ‘nill submission’.”

After declaring in September that no film met the criteria to be submitted for the 2023 Oscars’ International Feature Film category, the Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee has recently been roiled by an internal dispute.

Mildred Okwo and Husseini, two committee members, resigned as a result of the revelation and allegations of wrongdoing against the committee’s chair, Chineze Anyaene. Despite many attempts by Pulse to obtain remarks, the director and committee publicist have not yet responded to the allegations in the public.

The committee chose three movies, including Elesin Oba from EbonyLife Studios, Anikulapo from Kunle Afolayan, and King of Thieves, which earned the highest box office numbers. Five members allegedly voted for Elesin Oba, with the remaining films receiving a 1-1 split of the votes, while eight members cast a “nil submission” vote.

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