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National Assembly Investigates Lawyers and Others Involved in $11 Billion P&ID Scandal

National Assembly Investigates Lawyers and Others Involved in $11 Billion P&ID Scandal 

By Adeke Chukwuka

The House of Representatives announced its decision on Wednesday to launch an investigation into the legal and service providers associated with the case between Nigeria and Process and Industrial Development Limited (P&ID).

This move comes after P&ID won an $11 billion award against Nigeria due to a failed gas project. The Federal Government, contesting the validity of the gas processing contract, appealed, claiming it was obtained fraudulently.

In a Monday ruling in London, the Commercial Courts of England and Wales overturned the $11 billion award against Nigeria.

During Wednesday’s plenary, Kama Nkemkanma, the representative of Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo Federal Constituency, Ebonyi State, introduced a motion titled ‘Reversal of the $11 billion arbitration award paid against Nigeria: Call for investigation of all legal and other service providers involved in the P&ID deal.

During the motion presentation, Nkemkanma highlighted that the UK court confirmed the gas project award was fraudulently obtained. He mentioned the ongoing dispute with P&ID, tracing it back to a 2017 $6.6 billion judgment debt due to the failure to provide gas.

Additionally, he noted the EFCC’s 2018 investigation, revealing suspicious bank transfers totaling $20,000 linked to the corruption and incompetence surrounding the gas plant contract award.

After being adopted, the motion was referred to the Committees on Justice and Financial Crimes for additional input and consideration.

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