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‘Moonshot’ Trailer Reveals Cole Sprouse & Lana Condor’s Trip To Mars

‘Moonshot’ Trailer Reveals Cole Sprouse & Lana Condor’s Trip To Mars 

On March 31, the film will be available on HBO Max.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The trailer starts at a coffee shop inside a college bookstore, where Walt (Cole Sprouse) discusses Sophie’s boyfriend Calvin (Mason Gooding), who is now on Mars, with Lana Condor. It then depicts how tough Sophie’s long-distance romance is, prompting her to enlist in the Mars programme in order to be with him. Despite the fact that Walt is there to say his goodbyes to Sophie, he sneaks onboard the spacecraft and goes into space as well. Walt goes on to say that he’s wanted to go to Mars since he was a youngster, and that Sophie can help him realise his goal.

The trailer depicts Walt pretending to be Sophie’s boyfriend to keep others from finding out he got onboard the ship. It also depicts Walt assisting Sophie in having a good time on their voyage to Mars.

Emily Rudd and Zach Braff will join Condor and Sprouse in the flick. Braff will also appear in the forthcoming Disney+ version of Cheaper by the Dozen (directed by Gail Lerner), which will be released later this month.

On March 31, HBO Max will air Moonshot. 

Watch Trailer:

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