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Idahams Releases New Single, ‘Wetin No Good’

Idahams Releases New Single, ‘Wetin No Good’ 

Idahams, a multi-talented musician, has released a new Amapiano track titled ‘Wetin No Good’.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The catchy pop song “Wetin No Good” was written by Idahams and produced with longtime partner Yussy Beatz. It successfully blends afrobeats with amapiano. The track features Idahams in top form, bringing his mesmerizing vocal delivery, beautiful melodic arrangements, and great griotic lyricism about love, sex, and relationships to the fore. It is sonically supported by wonderful percussion patterns and a thundering bassline.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Wetin No Good’, Idahams says, “This is one of the first songs I recorded this year, and I believe this song can be a global hit for Africa because of the glorious Afrobeats and Amapiano fusion that gives it an appeal that cuts across – I hope listeners can feel the song from the first vocal and get excited about ‘Wetin No Good’. Thematically, the song captures two different feelings and interpretations – on one hand, you are being served hot breakfast of sad love and heartbreak, but on the other hand, you could be having the best sex of your life”.


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