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Skales Apologizes To His Wife For Calling Her “The Devil”
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Skales Apologizes To His Wife For Calling Her “The Devil” 

Skales referred to his wife as the devil in a diss track from last year.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Skales apologized on his wife’s birthday for referring to her as the devil a few months before.

He apologized to his wife on Instagram and sought her forgiveness for his recent public tantrums.

In November 2022, he released a song in which he poked fun at his wife, Precious, while also mourning her death.

Skales also chastised his wife for her “pretense for the loss of his mother,” who died the previous month, implying that everything was not well in his one-year marriage.

He warned his wife to take down the post she had written about his mother who had passed away and urged her to act out of true care rather than for the sake of social media. In a diss song, the singer vented his rage and referred to his wife as the devil, stating he never imagined having one.

She had the opportunity to save his mother’s life, but she decided against doing so, instead posting pompous sentiments of love on social media after she had died away.

In the song, Skales also paid homage to his mother, referring to her as a “queen with a beautiful voice” that he would never hear again.

Skales deleted all the posts that were disrespectful to his wife, although he later admitted that it was a mistake to discuss their private affairs in public.

He acknowledged that he is developing emotional self-control and is committed to handling situations better going forward. Skales also wished his wife a happy birthday and let her know how much he cared for, loved, and respected her.

In his words, “Learning to control emotions and taking care of my mental health when life throws me down has to be one of the amazing life lessons I’ve learnt.

“We both made mistakes and I sincerely apologize for letting my grieving times get the best of me by bringing what should be our private life into the public eye, isn’t an act I am proud of and I promise to keep progressing daily in my actions & becoming a better man in handling situations.

“Happy birthday my Queen @her_sanity11, I truly love, respect and care for you & I promise to do better! Cheers to most amazing year yet.”

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