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‘I Finally Have The Freedom To Create What I Like,’ Pheelz Tells Apple Music Africa Now Radio

‘I Finally Have The Freedom To Create What I Like,’ Pheelz Tells Apple Music Africa Now Radio 

Pheelz, a multi-talented producer and performer from Nigeria, has announced that his debut EP, dubbed “Pheelz Good,” would be released in 2023.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Pheelz stated that the EP has three sides in the interview with Dada Boy Ehiz. He reveals that each person has a loving boy, a bad boy, and a hitmaker side.

” ‘Pheelz Good’ is three different feelings. If you check the artwork that I designed for it, you can see three masks. The first mask is The Loverboy – that’s what I call him – that’s where you have the loverboy feelings, where you have songs like “Stand By You;” there’s a song called “Pheelz Like Summer” on the project as well, that’s for the loverboy.

There’s The Bad Guy mask as well, in the middle. That’s why you have songs like “Finesse” and “Ballin’.” There’s a song on the EP called “Pablo Escobar” as well. That’s for the Bad Guy era of the EP. Then there’s another guy called The Gbedu Guy, on the far right of the artwork. That’s where you have songs like “Electricity,” there’s a song on the EP called “Ewele,” and there’s a song called “Emi Laye Mi.” Those are like the gbedu jams, and that’s why there’s The Gbedu Guy with the gbedu mask. When you see their artwork, you understand the three different feelings on the EP.”

The honoree continues by saying how much he is enjoying the novel experiences that come with being a performing artist.

“First off, it’s a lot more flying! A lot more traveling around. I mean it’s an amazing man, I love it on this side of the playing field where I can fully create music just me – being the producer, and being the artist – be in the genre and just craft a sound that’s 100% authentically Pheelz. I love producing as well but now I have the freedom to really create what I want to create, and the art that I truly believe in.”

Pheelz also stated that the album is nearly finished and would be released in 2023, though he has not yet set a specific date.

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