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Defense Headquarters Denies Mobilizing Forces for Military Action in Republic of Niger. 

The Defense Headquarters (DHQ) has dismissed allegations on social media that it is mobilizing forces for military action in Niger.
According to the DHQ, the Armed Forces of Nigeria have not yet received orders from the relevant authority to conduct military action against the Niger military junta.

Furthermore, he stated that the armed forces could not carry out any operations in any ECOWAS Member State  without the authorization of the Head of State and Government. 

Acting Defense Information Director, Brigadier General Tukur Gusau, called the rumor untrue and urged the public to ignore it.

He also said in his words that “The AFN has not yet received permission orders  from the appropriate   authorities to take military action against the Niger military government.   

It is  no longer news that part of the Niger Republic’s army seized power from the  democratically elected government in violation of the constitution.

In response to this illegal  takeover, ECOWAS leaders met and agreed on a number of options for intervening in the crisis.  “The military option was the last option in case nothing else could reverse the situation and return the government of the Republic of Niger to constitutional order.” 

An ad hoc meeting was held in Abuja to consider its contents, discuss the political situation in the Republic of Niger, and submit its  plans to the ECOWAS Head of State and Government of the ECOWAS Commission for consideration.  

“In summary, the Nigerian military cannot conduct operations in any of the ECOWAS member states without orders from the heads of state and government.”

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