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Ayra Starr Was Unsure About Her Hit Song ‘Rush’ Until It Was Released
Ayra starr

Ayra Starr Was Unsure About Her Hit Song ‘Rush’ Until It Was Released 

She had her doubts, but the song ended up becoming one of her biggest hits and cemented her reputation as one of Nigeria’s most promising young performers.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Ayra Starr recently said that she didn’t always enjoy her popular song “Rush.”

The popular singer admitted in a recent interview with Joey Akan that she had her doubts about the song and didn’t think it would be a hit at first. She admitted that although her staff persuaded her to give it a go, she was apprehensive to release it. She didn’t see the song’s potential or start to feel secure in it until after it was released and began to acquire popularity.

In order to gain open-minded feedback, the singer recalled singing the song to Rema and Crayon. She genuinely insisted that Rema, who is known to be the team’s most brutally honest member, was the first to say the song was a success. Crayon didn’t say anything when she played the music for him; instead, he simply danced along, demonstrating that it was a jam.

Released in September 2022, Rush swiftly rose to prominence as one of Ayra’s most popular songs because to its captivating lyrics and contagious sound. Millions of times have listened to the song on various music streaming services, and its popularity has cemented Ayra’s position as one of Nigeria’s most promising young singers.

The song has already received more than 100 million Spotify streams. In Nigerian music, the vocalist will be the first female performer to have a solo single achieve this level.

Her willingness to take a chance on Rush paid off despite her initial reluctance, and the song has since become a fan favorite. Fans of Ayra eagerly anticipate her future creations as she develops and grows as an artist.

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