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Amusan and Brume Seek Diamond League Glory in Oregon

Amusan and Brume Seek Diamond League Glory in Oregon 

By Adeke Chukwuka

After facing setbacks at the 2023 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, last month, Tobiloba Amusan, the World Record holder in the 100-metre hurdles, and Ese Brume, the World Silver Medalist in the Long Jump, now have a chance to conclude the athletics season on a high note.

They, along with other elite athletes from around the world, are currently in Eugene, Oregon, United States, for the 2023 Wanda Diamond League final, scheduled for this weekend.

Last year, at the same venue, ‘Tobi Express’ made a remarkable impact on the world stage by not only winning gold in the 100-metre hurdles at the World Championship but also setting a new World Record of 12.12 seconds in the event.

This achievement catapulted her to become the most prominent sports celebrity in Nigeria and the entire African continent. Now, the attention of athletic enthusiasts worldwide is once again fixed on the track in Eugene, Oregon.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Amusan can transform her recent setbacks in Budapest into a triumphant performance here in Oregon.

Former Nigerian sprinter, hurdler, and coach Seigha Porbeni sees the Diamond League final in Oregon as the perfect opportunity for Tobiloba Amusan to regain her pride in the 100-metre hurdles. Porbeni, who is also the Head Coach of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, believes that Amusan can use this event to replicate her outstanding performance from 2022.

He points out that the challenges she faced in Budapest, including mental and physical issues due to suspension and inadequate training, may have been overcome with three weeks of recovery. Additionally, the straight final format in Oregon gives Amusan an advantage, and Porbeni is optimistic about her chances for victory and sweet revenge.

Ese Brume, another talented Nigerian athlete, is one of the finalists contending for the top prize in the Long Jump at the upcoming Diamond League event this weekend. Despite narrowly missing a medal in Budapest and finishing fourth, she returns to the familiar grounds of Oregon, where she secured a silver medal at the 18th World Championships last year.

Although Brume hasn’t had a standout season, there is a prevailing belief that anything can happen in the unpredictable setting of the Diamond League final.

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