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Nigerian Sculptor, John Amanam, Creates Dark-Skinned Prosthetics for Black Amputees

Nigerian Sculptor, John Amanam, Creates Dark-Skinned Prosthetics for Black Amputees 

Meet John Amanam, a Nigerian sculptor who makes prosthetics with dark skin for Black amputees.
John Amanam is a University of Uyo Fine and Industrial Arts graduate. the first Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state to create a hyper-realistic prosthetic limb for a victim of amputation loss.
John Amanam was shocked to learn that the prosthesis his family had bought from overseas did not match his skin tone after his brother had an accident that resulted in the loss of a leg. Amanam, a native of Nigeria with a degree in industrial arts and rine, decided to look into ways to create a prosthetic covering that nearly resembled his brother’s brown complexion.

Since then, his desire to overcome a personal obstacle has evolved into a professional career as a prosthetic artist, making him the first African sculptor to focus on the hyperrealistic realm of prosthetics for people of African descent — an area that helps people who have lost limbs feel more confident in themselves.

“I create flesh covers for people who’ve lost different body parts, ranging from ears, nose, fingers and breast forms,” Amanam stated.

His objective is to offer individuals using his products a feeling of comfort in their own skin while eradicating public scrutiny and stigma.

“It is important for comfort,” said Amanam. “When you go out there and you find out people are looking at your hand- possibly White on Black skin-it could cause discomfort.”

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