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<strong>Nissi Ogulu: Pioneering Innovation and Creative Expertise in Music, Engineering, and Animation – Chief Original Gangstar</strong>

Nissi Ogulu: Pioneering Innovation and Creative Expertise in Music, Engineering, and Animation – Chief Original Gangstar 

As a Nigerian, there’s no way one would mention the name, Burna Boy, and it will go right over your head. From winning a Grammy’s Award in Afrobeats to his very “interesting” relationship with Nigerians, Burna Boy has become, more a less, a household name in Nigeria. Okay, maybe with the younger generation. But, though very talented, the Nigerian artiste is not the COG we will spotlight in this issue. Have you ever come across a situation where a sibling’s fame supposedly overshadows the shine of another sibling? This is not that story! For the Ogulu’s (Burna Boy’s family), theirs is a house of raw impeccable talents and bright shining stars who have continued to make us proud as a nation, in their various fields.

In this issue of Chief Original Gangstar, our COG is Nissi Ogulu, the multitalented, multifaceted, and multilayered singer, animator, engineer, and Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Kemet Automotive, who is making mighty waves in various sectors, locally and internationally. Nissi Ogulu is a rising force in the Nigerian music scene who’s not just defined by her family connections but revered for her own remarkable talents across an array of disciplines. While some recognise her as the younger sister of Afrobeat sensation Burna Boy, others celebrate her for her boundless proficiency in various domains, from music and fine arts to engineering and animation.

Among her many talents, Nissi is not simply a singer. Her skills extend to voice acting, songwriting, scriptwriting, painting, artistry, animation, innovative design, and entrepreneurship. Collaborating with notable artists like Fireboy, Ajebo Hustlers, BackRoad Gee, and Major League DJZ, she has carved a niche for herself, standing out as an artist and a creative entrepreneur. The depth and breadth of her talents make her a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving creative landscape.

A musical journey that began at the tender age of six paved the way for Nissi’s illustrious career. Her educational journey led her to the University of Warwick, where she studied Mechanical Engineering, a testament to her diverse interests. Her roots in a family deeply embedded in music—her mother, Bose Ogulu, being a two-time Grammy-nominated talent manager and co-executive producer of the Grammy award-winning album, “Twice as Tall”—nourished her musical inclinations.

Nissi’s journey in the music industry dates back to her debut single, “Pay Attention,” released in September 2016, followed by subsequent releases that underscored her growing prowess. Her 2020 EP, “IGNITE,” served as a pivotal moment in her musical career, amplifying her presence and influence in the industry. With songs like “Hold” (2021), “Gravity” (2022), and “Overthinking” (2022), Nissi has consistently captivated audiences, showcasing her depth and versatility as an artist.

Beyond music, Nissi’s skills also extend into engineering. Her involvement in the design and development of the 2022 Range Rover for Jaguar Land Rover showcased her multidimensional talents and expertise, illustrating her prowess in a domain far beyond the confines of the music world.

Not confined to the bounds of a single industry, Nissi also ventured into the world of animation. Establishing Creele Animation Studios in 2021, she paved the way for her artistic vision to materialise on screen. The studio’s debut short film, “The Satchel,” garnered acclaim, winning multiple awards at prestigious festivals like the Cannes International Independent Film Festival in France, RTF Film Festival, Nollywood & Week Film Festival.

Moreover, her groundbreaking work in automotive innovation can’t be overlooked. Co-founding and serving as Co-CEO of Kemet Automotive, an innovative electric vehicle (EV) startup, signifies her commitment to reshaping the automotive industry. Her aim to introduce the first-of-its-kind EV vehicles from Africa underlines her bold vision and determination to bring about change in the field.

In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Nissi shed light on her decision to join her brother’s label, Spaceship Records. Despite initial reservations, she recognised the value of building a legacy within her family, emphasising the importance of support and understanding in achieving one’s vision.

Nissi’s artistic journey and her unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing diverse creative endeavours mirror her vibrant spirit. Her music, seamlessly blending influences from Jazz, Soul, R&B, and funk, reflects her varied inspirations, fostering an intimate, poignant, and sincere musical catalogue. Her forthcoming EP, “Unboxed,” promises to be yet another chapter in her narrative of breaking barriers and embracing authenticity.

Nissi Ogulu is more than an artist; she embodies a fusion of creative brilliance, innovation, and a profound commitment to carving her own distinct path in music, engineering, animation, and beyond. Her journey stands as a testament to the unlimited potential of multi-talented individuals, challenging conventional norms and expanding horizons across various creative domains.

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