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Mayorkun Drops Brand-New Single Titled ‘Low Key!’

Mayorkun Drops Brand-New Single Titled ‘Low Key!’ 

Mayorkun, an afrobeats phenomenon, has returned with a brand-new song called “Low Key!”

This release, which follows up his recent hit “For Daddy,” is a lead-up to his upcoming EP “Love For Free,” which will be released later this month.

“Low Key!” reveals a new aspect of Mayorkun’s sound world. Even though it’s not his usual characteristic sound, he skillfully keeps components that his core fan base can easily relate to.

The single offers listeners a soul-stirring experience that explores the present state of affairs in the music industry while showcasing Mayorkun in a gloomy light. Mayorkun begs listeners to embrace humanity and come together in the face of hardship with this stirring piece.

Mayorkun’s development as an artist is evident in his ability to combine his signature sound with a fresh, reflective tone.

“Low Key!” is more than simply a song; it’s a manifestation of raw passion, brilliant lyrics, and inventive music. Mayorkun’s poignant lyrics and soulful melody are sure to enthrall fans and turn this song into an immediate classic.

As the excitement surrounding Mayorkun’s upcoming EP, “Love For Free,” grows, “Low Key!” offers a fascinating look into the artist’s inventive mind. This song is sure to hit home with listeners everywhere because of its moving message and catchy arrangement.

Mayorkun wants to turn back the clock and show off the magic that has made him one of Afrobeats’ greatest performers. He plans to release his EP later in October 2023.

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