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Alex Onyia Should be Crowned the Sultan of Software! – Chief Original Gangstar (COG)

Alex Onyia Should be Crowned the Sultan of Software! – Chief Original Gangstar (COG) 

In April 2023, a COG posted on his LinkedIn page that he should take the title of Sultan of Software. Not just because he was celebrating 16 years in active software development, but also because in those 16 years, he had intensely participated in diverse software development sectors; EduTech, FinTech, AgriTech, HealthTech, PharmTech, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). That’s a lot of “software-ing”, and you are already beginning to agree that he should be crowned the Sultan of Software. That’s the point! In today’s issue of Chief Original Gangstar, our COG is Alex Onyia, the CEO of Educare, the number 1 leading education technology platform in Africa. In this issue, we will be uncovering the reasons why Alex Onyia should be given his flowers. Or turban… as this case may be.

Of course, we approve too. That is why we have brought him up on this issue. But the truth is that he is being too modest, even with his motion to claim this “hallowed” title. Do you know why? Alex Onyia didn’t just “intensely participate” in diverse software development sectors. Besides being CEO of Educare, he is also the CEO and Head of Products at Winexviv International Limited, a software development company, whose mission is to grow the tech ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as other emerging marketing regions by conducting developer programs, and through the use of web and mobile technology platforms.  In addition to his numerous “organisational milestones”, the edutech platform, Educare, is serving over 1 million students, and 300 thousand parents in Africa, currently expanding their software to serve small, medium, and large businesses across Africa. Even to the UK and other European regions.

Over the years, Alex Onyia has reiterated that his mission is to improve the quality of education in Nigeria through international collaborations and technology. And we applaud that he is righteously following this path as he has partnered with Facebook teams in the middle east and some parts of Africa, and has also worked with different developers in the region to boost the relevance of the social platform in the everyday lives of people all over the world. Through creative innovations and advancements, Educare has also successfully aided educational institutions in improving their payroll system, communication strategies, internet access, and mode of learning.

In March 2023, Alex Onyia announced that he and his team had started deploying Starlink across some of their partner schools in network-deprived areas in Nigeria in order to improve learning for the students. He also informed the public that the Educare Hybrid CBT was functional and had the capacity to handle over 10 million Computer Based Test at the same time, with over 2 million assessments written so far. And here is a badass move that made us give him all our votes. Alex Onyia beat his full chest and publicly declared, “IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY BUSINESS I START TO FAIL.” We have never heard any such declaration of love before and with so much clarity! Did we say “love”? Sorry, we meant TRUST. And it takes a high level of conviction, confidence, and certified experience to utter these words. That is why we are saying, “Give him the crown already!” When a chief software gangstar assures, it is done.

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