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Africell and Nokia Collaborate on Brand new 5G Deployment in Angola

Africell and Nokia Collaborate on Brand new 5G Deployment in Angola 

Brand New 5G Deployment in Angola is partnered by Africa The new mobile operator of Angola, Africell, has been signed on Monday by Nokia to install its complete network technologies to offer 2G, 3G and 4G services in Luanda, the capital of the city of Angola. This arrangement increases Nokia and Africell’s reach in Africa substantially.

Africell is able to use the newest cloud technologies through the deployment of its brand-new network to obtain cost-effectiveness advantages through shared infrastructure, and to enhance controls and flexibility that allow for diverse offerings to both individuals and companies.

In order to offer 2G, 3G and 4G services simultaneously and 5G-ready, Nokia will use its AirScale Single Radio Access Network (S-REN) for the new network in the capital.

With a software update Nokia’s AirScale technology can be updated smoothly to enable 5G networks.

The firm will also implement Nokia AirFrame data center solution for easy execution of any cloud-based application, the microwave transmission Wavence network to handle enhanced networking packets, and the NetAct network management system, to enable consolidated network view for improved network monitoring and management. 

Nokia’s IP routers further complete the system, offering scalable backhaul and quick, reliable service deployments for access, aggregation, backhaul and core services.

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