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Fat is an essential part of our diet and nutrition. Fat provides a cushion to protect our vital organs, without fat, our organs would be more prone to damage. But just like every other thing, too much fat can be extremely dangerous. Excessive fat accumulation is described as ‘obesity’.

In the last 33 years, not a single country has made serious progress in the fight against obesity. While in 1980, 857 million people worldwide were fat or obese, by 2013 that number had more than doubled. Today, nearly one third of all living people a whopping 2.1 billion are either fat or obese. These stats, including the graphics, come from a new analysis of 1,749 published studies on weight from around the world, published in the Lancet in May.

The analysis showed that the United States is home to the highest number of overweight and obese people in the world. In the U.S., 70.9 per cent of men and 61.9 per cent of women are overweight or obese, compared to 38 per cent of men and 36.9 per cent of women worldwide. Our waistlines start growing early 28.8 per cent of boys and 29.7 per cent of girls are overweight or obese in the U.S., compared to 14.2 per cent of boys and 14.7 per cent of girls worldwide.

Fat and obsess are terms used to describe people who weigh more than they should, according to current medical knowledge. The exact weights can change as new medical research is done, but an obsess person is a very overweight person. Medically, fat is the type of tissue that makes a person overweight or obsess.

These are 10 countries with the highest ratio of fat people:

1.      United State

2.      China

3.      India

4.      Russia

5.      Brazil

6.      Mexico

7.      Egypt

8.      Germany

9.      Pakistan

10.  Indonesia


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Ever since Samuel Jackson made a comment on "What is in your Pocket," a lot of questions have been going on in my head about what I have regularly on me when I leave home everyday. This question has been the buzz on twitter, on everyone's hashtag and it got me thinking.

The popular belief that a woman's handbag usually contains her makeup and nothing more is a myth, at least for most. Yes, there may be one or two makeup stuff, but its much more than that. You can find face wipes, hand sanitizers, packed tissue, keys, phone, ATM cards, a nail clipper, a pack of q-tip etc.

The general thing everyone carries are power packs, a pen, a note pad, an identification card and a phone. Some can't move without perfumes, a lip balm and a flash drive. Others like students can go the extra mile of having groundnuts, biscuits and pop corns in their pocket.

I would have asked how necessary is this when I heard it but every question is a question worth thinking on for me. Knowing what you have in your pocket and where you have it can help save you time in trying to remember where you kept it. If you are with it or not. Whether you are leaving an important thing at home or not.

I also have things I can't move around without. You can always find a laptop or a phone on me, a jotter, pen, a flash drive, a means of identification, an ATM card and a book.... I would bet you can't find me dead without a book. Can be any book; information or a novel or a poetry book.

Going by the buzz of the day, what is in your pocket? What is in your bag? What can you not leave home without?


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Maybe it was me, or maybe it wasn’t me….wait when I tell you the story you will be able to decide. It wasn’t a moon light kiss story, it wasn’t that our eyes met and other shitty love stories like that. We started as friends and slowly he became my sarcastic ass best friend of guy, we would jonze all the lovers wed see on our long walks to the canteen area and trust me eh people in UNN fall in love easily and it disgusted us. For months in a semester, he was my buddy/ drinking partner, essentially. We attended all the parties and went on the craziest adventures together. For me our friendship was a match made in heaven, first he was my kind of guy and I could finally friend zone a guy in peace. Fast-forward to the holiday…..and you know what happens to a guy you friend zone, we just stopped talking. I didn’t bother much; it didn’t occur to me that I really liked him then anyway. And then we came back and off our friendship went again, the drinks, the books, the poems, the stupid song collabos, the food, especially the food.

One really weird Friday night, while we were eating, he went on to open up to me about a girl he liked, I mean we talk about our heartbreaks and stuff but this got to me like……dude aint I enough already?. He liked her, he thought I wasn’t a love person… inner bollywood freak was doing cartwheels when I saw him. I couldn’t have him, I wasn’t going to let him see as one of those girls……so I listened and chipped in some really good advise (curse my miss goody twoo shoes nature) long story short, he got her and even though he didn’t ask me to leave , I did because I don’t share, friend zoned or not, my man is my man. So maybe it was me, or maybe it wasn’t…….but that’s how we actually met, but did not meet. 

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Fear is a feeling induced by a perceived danger or threat that occurs in a certain type of organisms. It is a vital response to physical and emotional danger.

Normally, we hear that it is a sin to be afraid which is very true but without fear we won’t be able to perceive fear coming towards us, we will never be able to protect ourselves from legitimate threats. One can die out of fear through shock; in fact, it affects in so many ways.

Fear makes us to imagine negative things that can only cause us to worry and fear more, it also affects us in our daily activities. If we go through our bible, we are encouraged to be strong and face our fears. For us to be strong, we must be learn to overcome our fears.

Five ways to overcome your fear:

1.      Awareness: Before you can overcome fear, you have to be aware that your fears are causing havocs in your life. It’s easy to get attached to your thoughts and feelings that you think they all exist, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We are not our fears; we are awareness that experience it.

2.      Identify: Get to identify what exactly you’re afraid of. Look at the pictures of that situation in your head. What is going on in there? What are afraid of? Observe your inner space.

3.      Gratitude: Whenever you are afraid, switch it over to what you are grateful for instead. If you’re afraid of public speaking, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people and that they are there to genuinely listen to what you have to say.

4.      Take Actions: Fears are just fears. They are created by our imaginations to make reality look scarier than it is.  When you take actions and face your fears, they become weaker, because you realize that reality is not nearly as bad as your imaginations.

5.      Pray: if you feel that you are unable to face or fight yours fears, your battles or your challenges; pray! You should consider prayer as your guidance on how to start overcoming your specific fear. Prayer is another way for meditation. In the end, your prayer will work for you. “With Prayer, All things are Possible”.

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Over the weekend, the votes for the new councillors took place in villages and in the city of Enugu State. Well, for the benefit of not generalizing the fact that it was an eye sore, I would create a niche to it. The voting was an eyesore in the whole land of Nkanu, Enugu State. Not only was it rigged, there was no form of accountability or transparency.


There was no form of security, no sight of appointed polling agents, and the voting paper was shared in batches; one person each to a full batch of voting paper slips (Some voted as many times as they could find ink to vote). Some kids that were barely 16 years of old were also all assembled, given N100 to N200 to vote. Half of those old enough to vote, had no voter’s card or any means of identification that they were even indigenes. Should I talk about the women? Those ones were under mango & palm trees, sharing okpa and groundnuts the PDP representatives bought in exchange for their votes. The men were promised 5000 to 10,000 for their votes. Hahahaha, ignorance is bliss. For cash they haven’t seen, they sold their chance to a better community projects and delegates that want to serve the people as much as they may steal community funds, for the ones that solely want to steal funds? Local PDP members are radicals and dishonest…. Yeah, I said it. Can’t believe APC members behaved more than the party I have always believed in.


The numbers that were recounted after the voting was so much bigger than the numbers of those who actually came out to vote, you would think the voting started by Friday midnight. I am still wondering whether the whole village heads were granted permission to handle the town’s ballot boxes. They kept showing up everywhere with their wives and kids. Politics is now a Family Business too. Lol


Just barely some months ago, a huge sum of money was supposingly released for the youths’ community projects. You wouldn’t believe what the village heads brought out as an idea for a project to execute? A Charging Boot! In the outskirts of the town, that happens to be the only place there’s light around the town and near where they live. I bet anyone who would use that charging boot makes use of only a Nokia torch small phone because any other gadgets that gets close to that boot, would experience a magical disappearing act.


Isn’t it amazing how the ones who think education is a waste of time are those still in school or with a certificate? These are the moments you wish more local indigenes went to school even if it’s up to elementary 6. At least, if the youths were educated or experienced in any way, this fraud would happen less. We keep complaining about how bad our leaders are, but we keep selling out our votes to the wrong ones. If you ask me, I think we weave the mats of the same corruption we speak out against. How do you give a rat a fish to keep for you because he promised he won’t eat it? 

It rains everywhere. Corruption has seeped into every section of this Country, Nigeria and into almost everyone. No one can be trusted with the nation’s funds or any funds at all. And somehow, we have learnt to shrug and turn the other side.   


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I can only imagine the amount of calls, hate speeches and probably 'threats' that Jasmine Onyia, South East Media Girl, has received and is still receiving after she boldly surprised everyone, and like a young tender eagle waged war against the current Government of Enugu state under the flagship of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. 


With good intent, she stated at the beginning of her post on Instagram, that she has no beef with the government and all, but only found the celebration and commissioning 'with red carpet' of a fixed Road around new haven junction in the state, a total ridicule.


Read her post below: 


First things first, it's great to acknowledge the rapid response of the government to the road dent and completion of the repair in 3 weeks. We all applaud that. What is odd and slightly irritating is the 'commissioning' of a fixed pothole. The first contractors of the road didn't properly fix the water corvette that constantly leaked water (which everybody ignored), till the road got too weak and collapsed. Then as expected, the road got fixed by the appropriate authorities. Is that not how it's supposed to be? Should we expect red carpet shows any time a road gets fixed? Is that not why there are state ministries? Enugu has been really dirty for a while now; people have been asking questions. A week ago, an OAP called out ESWAMA for poor service. No one wants to be a rebel, but using emotional intelligence to judge what Jasmine did, she spoke out against the caricature that South East Governors make governance look like. I have a question, where are the 'acclaimed south east media giants and Media authorities? Why are they mute?

Jasmine’s post on Instagram got over 50 comments and scrolling through them carefully, there was no coherent opinion of any media authority. Everyone is playing safe. Let’s assume for 10 seconds that Jasmine was rash and a little dramatic about her opinion, but can we sit back and think about it critically?? Is it right for a Governor to commission the repair of a pot hole?? (With red carpet) 

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"Hey Blondie" her message popped in.

I wasn't expecting it. We already had strife on a blog on an issue regarding Nnamdi Kanu and his vision towards my Jerusalem, Biafra. I am a fan of Biafra, thus I couldn't sit and embrace any form of disrespect to Nnamdi or his subordinates. During the heated argument I had viewed her account but it was on private hence I had to follow her. I wanted to see who was bold enough to challenge a man with strong concrete information backing it up with first hand evidence.  Whoever she was really was learned. I was impressed. Hence the follow.  I wasn't expecting a hug and kisses approach not to talk of getting a message from her, but to my surprise the above message appeared.  I smiled.

“Lolz, who's Blondie” I asked trying to keep the conversation going. “You na, is your hair not golden.” She said. “Ha-ha! You are hilarious! Well I'm Nnaemeka but you can call me Emeka for short. I just wanted to know who the hot brain was and surprisingly the hot brain is steamed and sprinkled with a high level of physical endowment. As regards the quarrel over there I'm sorry.” I said. “First of all, I choose the name I call people, your name is Blondie Mekky, secondly I’m Chioma and thirdly I don't hold grudges, bet it's all for the gram.” She said.

Like the Rivers of Babylon our conversation flowed. I was carried away by her charisma I had to ask for her number which she vehemently declined. Women! I didn't bother asking again. I was narcissistic in nature. We talked. Conversed mostly at night, I was a very busy guy; work wouldn't let us talk at night. She too was busy.  She was a Consultant at a teaching hospital in Abuja.

Subsequently, Chioma and I found out that in our very tight schedule, we could still create a reasonable time for each other. I guess I was gradually enjoying her in all ramifications. We had never seen each other but were looking forward to it. I was outside the country for a show. We concluded that after I got back we would meet.

On the 12th of July, the day we were supposed to meet, I was excited. I guess she was too. Her flight took off by 3pm and got to Lagos by 4:30. I got to the airport twenty minutes before her arrival. I wanted to see her before she sees me. I wanted to be sure if she was as pretty as she was on instagram. If she wasn't, I was ready to turn back and leave though. I was tired of social media deceits.

Getting down from the plane, I rang her cell phone and to my disappointment, I saw a gorgeous petite beauty even though I was expecting a voluptuous lady instead. At a second glance I noticed she had this body that was between athletic and curvy which her tiny frame carried with grace.  She oozed confidence with the way she walked. Getting close to me I quickly took a glance through her skin from head to toe and my heart melted.  She looked like she was carved out of black women's magazine whose eyes were so perfect I couldn't stop staring at.  I was completely taken by her heart shaped face and kissable lips.  She was a description of everything I needed.  She was dressed in a short mini dress which showed off her hot blemish free legs.

As I was staring and ogling, somewhere in my subconscious I heard my name and that somehow snapped me out of the trance I was in. "Oh Yeah Yeah, you look good. Let me help with your luggage.How was your trip?” I asked, “Was okay.”  She said. As we drove off I stared through the side mirror, trying to grasp every bit of her beauty.  I didn't talk much.  She did. I guess that was why I liked her. She was a jolly good fella. We stopped and picked something to eat at an eatery close by before heading home. I couldn't cook, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't know how to.

Throughout the journey I couldn't wait to get home so I could show off my manly God giving skills. My head kept creating weird romantic scenes. I was going to dig every dirt in her, suck every bit of her feminine body. I knew she felt same, because she kept talking and talking, guess she was tensed up already. Well, after we ate and dined ourselves to a bottle of Piedmont’s Barolo Italian Red wine. She took her bath came out in a see through night gown.  By God I was aroused. I didn't want to spoil the fun so I patiently waited for her to lie beside me.

As we lay down talking about how our day went, work and all which we didn't want to talk about but had to because we just wanted engage ourselves in a discussion. I watched her talk, while I listened.  Listening and paying keen attention to every move her lips made.  I placed my hand behind her neck.  I felt her heart pound. I was the Man, I had to take charge. Still talking, I slowly placed a kiss on her lips, I gently removed my lips, stared into her eyes and at this point I knew she wanted it. I hastily but passionately kissed her again.  This time, I wrapped my tongue with hers. I slowly placed my hands round her waist, immediately she held my hands, I thought she was shy, so I pulled it off and tried grabbing her butt, yet she held me again and whispered something which I didn't know if I heard properly until she repeated herself, "Baby I'm on my period". Oh heavens! I sighed as I shamefully removed my hands. We spent the rest of the night smooching.

The following morning after breakfast, we went to play basketball.  I nearly dropped her tender body into the net.  In the evening we went to the beach and wrote our names on the sands of earth. The next day I dropped her off at the airport. She had a business meeting which she had to attend to. We kissed and bid each other farewell. Voila! A relationship started. We made plans for her next visit which we both knew was going to be head over heels.
On that fateful day, I travelled to Kaduna to sign a business deal.  I called her to tell her I left the key to the house for her. Few hours into the meeting, my phone rang, it was her.  I wondered why she would call me knowing fully well where I was and what I was doing; I cut the call and sent a text. It didn't stop her.  My phone kept buzzing; I had to put it off.  I was getting pissed. An hour later,  after the business had been sealed, I called her back, picking the call was an unknown caller who kept saying " If you know the owner of this phone come to Maria Gonzalez Teaching Hospital, the madam we dey here and the Oga driver wey carry am get accident and they done rush am go the hospital o" 

At first I was stunned, My body numb, I couldn't move, I wanted to cry, I prayed it was a joke, I didn't want to believe it. Immediately I boarded the next available flight back to Lagos.  I contacted everybody I knew.  My friends that got there confirmed it was true but she was recuperating.  Only then did I realise I was in love.  I couldn't let this happen.  I thought of the moments we shared. I thought of the quarrel that enunciated the whole drama.  I thought of how we met. My ego didn't let me tell her how I felt. I promised i was going to engage her at the hospital.  I was going to tell her how I felt.  I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  As I thought of all these, like the way our chat flowed that night, streams of tears flowed out of my eyes.

Getting to the hospital, I rushed in like a mad man; my friends took me to where she was, still trying to calm me down. While heading to my house from the airport, the taxi which she boarded had collided with a truck, my friend said. I walked in.  I saw her.  She was wrapped in white linen. My girl was covered from head to toe. I couldn't recognize the petite body I carried. My girl was dead! I called her. I shook her.  She didn't move. She didn't respond. My girl was really dead!


About the Writer:

My name is Eberechukwu Ngwu and I exhume happiness. My dreams are a lot bigger than I am. I lov to write and express myself through written words.

don't be afraid to stalk me on Social media.

Facebook ID: Bebe Ngwu

Instagram ID: Bebehills 





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We have so many reasons to be careful this ‘Ember Months’. Not only because of Kidnappers, Ritualists, Pick Pocketers, and Armed Robbers, but also because of a little lady who will continually wear black and orange cloth wherever she goes. We have to be careful every ‘Ember Months’ because this is around the time she leaves artistic marks on people's face; whether you’re a man or a woman, boy or girl, lady or gentleman, which is none of her business ooo. Once you come in contact with her, you’ll carry her mark of endorsement.

I know you must be wondering who I am talking about. It's no other insect but the almighty “Electric Ant”. Hahaha. I am addressing it as a ‘She’ because of its shape and colour. But it’s very itchy and painful.

Electric ant is a tiny black one, three to four mm in length, and has a fork shaped tail. It does not bite, as the usual conception goes. It has a vesicant or irritant which, when comes in contact with the skin, leaves behind a mark that is similar to a burn mark. It is highly attracted to light and is found to linger around on the bed. When you sleep with the room light on; it crawls on the bed and gets crushed by mistake when you turn in your sleep. The vesicant fluid off the insect gets smeared on your skin body and that is how you get the permanent mark. That one is a serious wahala o!!!

So if you really want to look exceptionally gorgeous and good looking this Christmas, watch out for that lady in black and orange and be very careful with chilling and relaxing under or near light bulbs.


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Travelling is one of the most interesting and exciting thing in life. It is another way of exploring like going to beautiful, places, trying new things. It is a lovely experience filled with inspiration, cultural encounters and happy snaps.

When travelling, there are certain things we should always have handy because without they are very important when travelling:


The more money you have in your pocket, the better for you. To relax, enjoy and have a beautiful holiday, you should have enough money that will sustain you and keep you stable. This should always be your number 1 in your list before you leave.

Power Bank or Charger:

Have you ever thought of how miserable you’ll be when your phone battery runs out? That is why we should always have a power bank to always charge your phone in case of emergencies.


When travelling, always keep your toiletries handy. It should contain all the necessary things like Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hairbrush or combs, lotions, lip balm, tissues and so on. These toiletries are very useful and important in case of necessity. They should all be put together in a small compactible bag.


You know the insistent honking of car horns, the baby crying in the background, the two women/men gossiping beside you when you, and in those moments you are bored and want to watch a movie or listen to a song? Those are the moments you need your headphones most. You need a Headphone to block out those noise and listen to the wonderful songs in your phone. Make sure you have a very good headset that will distract you from the frustrating noise in the vehicle or the airplane.

Home Securities:

Your home should be in order when you’re travelling. You have to make sure that no electrical appliance is on, in order not to endanger your home. And always make sure that your house is always locked before leaving.

These would ensure you have a great Trip.



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When we hear the word “Depression”, what comes to mind? We think of Sadness, Sorrows, Anger and defeat. To me, it is a mixed feeling of Anger, Sorrows, Sadness, Confusion and Defeat. It causes a lot of problems that affects our daily activities. It affects us when we think, the way we feel, even when sleeping; yes! One would not be able to sleep when depressed and sleep is very essential in our life. It reduces the stress of the brain from the day’s activities and helps in warming it up for another day in order to think wisely and positively. But when one’s brain is crowded with a lot of things, it stresses the brain and causes a lot of pain like Headache, migraine or maybe Brain Tumour.

So how do you get over depression?

Getting over a Depression can be pretty hard at first but once one is able to adapt to it, it makes he/she want more of it. Remember, “What won’t kill you only makes you stronger” once you are able to fight it.

Here are the best ways to fight Depression:

Relate with People:  

When you’re depressed, you should learn to let go and feel free, you should always stay connected to others and always take part in social activities. It will make a good and clear difference not only in your life but also have a feel good change in your mood.

Look for Support:  

When depressed, we constantly need a shoulder to lean on. If talking to a trusted friend or family will help you loosen up, then you should reach out to the person who you know is always there for you in time of needs. Always remember, “A Problem Shared is a Problem Solved” but only to the trusted ones.

Treat yourself positively:  

We are all human beings. We deserve to be happy and there are little things that we do that make us happy. Try those little things that you love doing, No matter how stupid or crazy or childish it might look, do it because you love it, you’re happy and it keeps your heart at peace. The best thing that can ever happen to you is when you please and treat yourself positively.


It is another way of letting go. It is another way of suppressing the negative feeling that is rising inside you. 

Stop Over-thinking:

If thinking only makes the situation worst, then keep your mind away from it. Do what is best for you. Never give up on yourself. There is Hope!


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