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  I didn't hesitate to give it to her. She had asked at the right time. She took it and paused, staring at me like I was changing color. I wouldn't blame her though, because giving her my ATM card is always finely accompanied with blown arguments. She smiled, pecked me and left. I called Jims and waited for some minutes before heading for his house.

What was the problem? Why are the millions in my account suddenly drained to almost nothing. Could it be that fountain, how possible is that? Jo had said it was magical and we had laughed at him as usual. He is always spiritual about things. To prove him wrong we had shamelessly unzipped our zipper and urinated in it. We weren't drunk just tipsy. We had laughed and made jest of him as usual. Could he be right this time around? Could it be that the fountain holds more than just a mere decoration?

   Reaching Jims house, I knocked and he grunted a 'come in'. He was seated on the only sofa in the apartment looking so downcast. 

"I stole Nicole's panties again" he said not looking up, too ashamed. His shoulder slumped when he spoke again. “I also stole Sophie's bra". The first time he said this, I had laughed so hard, finding it out mostly ridiculous but with him having this mix feelings of shame, anger and worry, I couldn't find it funny anymore. Barry was on his way, his own symptoms had tipped off earlier than ours. He laughs uncontrollably at things that shouldn't be laughed at. He had laughed so hard in a conference meeting we had with our board of directors. And not just that, he ate and drank almost everything presented there. He was given a query afterwards by our boss and a look of wonder by me. It became a problem and a thing to worry about when he laughs outrageously at parties, friendly get together, our normal hangout. He was just out of control and then this habit of him eating always like a starved lion.

It wasn't long before Barry arrived, cackling like a deranged person with stuffs of junks. He seemed to have gained more weight, his cheeks were bright red.

 “guys seriously, what's going on?, could it be that fountain like Jo had said?" I said and was about to continue when someone flushed the toilet. "Of course" Jo said, coming out from the restroom. "I have been trying to tell Jims here that it could be it but he's been waving it off. At least someone thinks the same" he said.

 I looked at him, he was the only one who seems normal, no symptoms and he was the only one who didn't urinate in that fountain confirming my suspicions. 

“I told you guys that that fountain is far from normal" Jo continued. Though I hated it when Jo talks spiritual but he might be right with this.

 "This is absurd!!" Jims blurted out. 

"This is not a matter of belief. Something is seriously wrong with us. This is a matter of what should be done" I said looking at Jo. 

"Maybe you guys should go and apologize” he said. 

"Go and apologize to a manmade artificial construction of a water design'' Jims said laughing wildly.

 “What do you think?" I asked, looking at Barry. He seemed to be in a war controlling himself. "Right now, I don't know what to believe. I just need this to stop" he burst out laughing. I looked at him and Jims and honestly didn't know who to pity more and even myself. We needed to do something and fast. I don't mind kneeling in front of that fountain asking for forgiveness even though it sounds insane. I just needed this to go away. My phone rang, it was Nora. I knew how it was going to go if I should pick. She was going to rave about no money being in the account and of course she has purchased a lot. I slowly put my ringing phone back inside my pocket. Maybe we should go on with what Jo had said. It wasn't gonna hurt after all. And with the way things were, I would even kiss, hug, cry and ask for its forgiveness.

Ola is an endowed fictional and non-fictional writer with a fiery twist to her writings, which always keeps readers coming back for more. She is an impulsive reader with a flair for things unusual.
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JOEY AKAN- When Davido wakes up in the morning and goes through his feed on social media, he definitely finds pockets of critics.

People who bear grudges in their heart against his involvement in the Osun State 2018 gubernatorial election. They don’t attack him directly with the politics. They come right at him in little doses, hiding under criticisms of his music, his love life with Chioma, his choice of slang, and perhaps how he chooses to smile when he takes sick pictures. These people are relentless.

Newly-turned 26, David will also have to think back to the events of past weeks. When he cried out in alarm that he was being denied a venue for his proposed concert at Eko Atlantic, a planned city of Lagos State, Nigeria, being constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. Due to how large his support is, Davido’s fans run into tens of thousands in Lagos, alone.

Eko Atlantic, with its unending expanse of undeveloped sandy land, can be converted into the largest music venue in the city. But that dream was denied.

Eko Atlantic’s management alleges that they asked for further documentation, which Davido failed to provide. Davido, armed with more information, has stated publicly that his politics was a huge reason.

Davido’s family belongs to the opposition PDP party. Eko Atlantic is a property of their rival, the ruling APC government. His uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, lost a heated election to his PDP rival back home in Osun State, in an election they alleged, was influenced by excessive rigging, votre-buying, voter suppression and more. Davido was a prominent feature of the campaign trail. He put his celebrity and stardom on the table as an endorsement of his uncle. That was a noble move. Family is family. It’s the strongest unit of the society. Politics can’t fracture it, at least not in this case. So, if his allegations are true, he is being persecuted for being loyal to his family. For supporting his favourite uncle. For being a ‘real one’.

Nigerian politics is dirty and petty. When there’s a target on you, you can either be killed dirtily, or nibbled at by long corrupted teeth of influence and authority.

This happens until your faith wanes, and your resolve evaporated. You either crossover, or remain at their mercy, which is quite the debilitating experience. If Davido is to be believed, APC is fighting back.

Or perhaps they are punishing him for his loyalty. He was such a strong influence during the election season, pulling huge crowds in arenas, and street corners, where he gave them some level of performance.

In many cases, his appearance was enough. People love Davido and his music.

Back home, they take pride in his story; a son of the soil, born of their earth, now Africa’s sucessful music giant. They want to vote for that. It’s larger than life, and inspirational.

APC won the election with question marks and lawsuits flying from all angles. But Davido made his mark, and helped amplify his family’s grievances. He is their pop culture mouthpiece, bringing in youthful attention to seemingly elderly politics.

How deep should Nigerian musicians be involved with politics? How much should they concern themselves with the workings of governance? How far are they willing to go, if they choose to engage such an evil force? Can they risk it all?

Olamide is currently being courted by the Lagos state government who need him to endorse them with his ‘street’ credibility and followership.

He is better as an ally, and they are willing to make him an offer that is too good to be rejected and refused.

Elsewhere, Singer, Businessman, Anchor and Actor, Banky W is flexing his muscles. He has thrown his hat into the ring for an elected position.

He’s running under the platform of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP) for the Eti-Osa, Lagos seat in the House of Representatives in the 2019 general elections.

All three artists have one way or the other shown a level of commitment to governance, whether for selfish or altruistic motives, they are the few of our myriad superstars who have as much as given any indication that they exists in the same space and are to an extent, bound by the same conditions that affect their fans.

The rest exhibit ostrich behaviour; Stick their heads in the sand and act like the boogeyman won’t see them.

The boogeymen sees them. He simply finds it more beneficial to his purpose if they are allies. The moment they become foes, the dance becomes a fight, and the fine music become battle cries.

Davido’s battle cries are being heard. But he will be fine. Whatever venue he settles for, at least, he can be assured that it will be sold out.

Nigerian musicians ought to get involved more. If the argument about their moral responsibility to be the voice of the voiceless isn’t isn’t enough, then they should do it for professional and selfish reasons.

The music industry is unstructured and underachieving because of the lack of government support via improved copyright laws.

If that is fixed, they are bound to be the cornerstone for the building of an intrinsically profitable music industry.

That industry will be enough to support an entire ecosystem of writers, editors and more value-adding jobs

Without that, we continue to bounce and bumble along, hoping that Jesus makes a second coming, or we magically become transformed to a structured market

If they do this one thing, history will hail them as heroes, who ensured generations came and ate the right way.

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Obviously, this week is pretty Thanksgiving-centric, but there’s some astrological movement going down that you might want to keep an eye on. There's a full moon in Gemini, and it’s happening on November 23, a.k.a. Black Friday.

Hold on, because it's going to be a wild ride.

The full moon on Friday November 23, 2018 at 0° Gemini in the Pleiades Star Cluster. The Full Moon November 2018 astrology is also influenced by the planetary aspect Mars square Jupiter. This can make you feel strong, brave and sexy but also angry and frustrated. The danger is that impulsive and reckless actions could lead to accidents or injuries.

The November 2018 full moon in the Pleiades increases the risk of losing your temper and becoming cruel and ruthless. The keys to avoiding pain, loss and sorrow are patience and forethought. While irritation and frustration may prove difficult to avoid, you can release the hot full moon energy safely using self-control and moderation.

Do you wonder what the full moon means?

A full moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life such as your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to personal conflict and crises that drain your energy. Your home, family and intimate relationships comes into sharper focus following a full moon.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will well able to see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.`

A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. Your November 7 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. You can make emotional adjustments in response to those new goals. Full moon November 2018 lasts for two weeks up to the December 7 new moon.

Full moon November 2018 astrology will get you pondering...

The November 23 full moon has a nasty feel to it because of the planetary aspects and fixed stars. The full moon square Mars brings bitterness and anger for the next two weeks. An opposition to Jupiter amplifies this confrontational energy.

The Moon at 00°52′ Gemini Sign is on the same degree as Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades Star Cluster. The Pleiades bring love and peace when well placed. However, square Mars and opposite the Sun and Jupiter is far from being well placed.

What will the full moon in Gemini mean for you?

“Emotions can be very excitable,” says Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology. “You can feel your emotions go from high to low to all over the place.”

And really, that’s just what you need when you’re hanging with family.

The full moon is also all about sharing your ideas, talking, and connecting with people, Page says. Suddenly, you’ll be all about filling Aunt Margaret in on your dating life, and getting your younger cousin to finally show you how to make your own talking emoji.

What you should look out for;

Full Moon square Mars brings simmering anger to the surface so take care to avoid being hurt or causing harm. There is danger when taking risks or acting impulsively. However, holding in anger and frustration is not healthy either.

Repressed anger can manifest physically as pain in your body, accidents, aggressive reactions in others, or as conflict in your home. There will probably be some degree of emotional discomfort in close relationships, especially with women. Take note!

The key to handling this quick and hot energy is to release your frustrations in a controlled way. If you have annoyed someone else, don’t be overly defensive or mean when they share their feelings with you. Cuts or burns, especially in the kitchen, would suggest you have not dealt with your emotional troubles. Face what is making you feel threatened with courage. Emotional attacks from others are just as likely as you losing your temper with a loved one.

What Signs Will Be Most Affected By This Full Moon?

Everyone is going to feel it on some level, but Sagittarius (where the sun is) and Gemini (where the moon is) will feel it a little more intensely. Ditto for Virgo and Pisces, which are in the cross-currents of the full moon, Page says.

Overall, revel in the good side of the Gemini full moon-have some great conversations with your family and keep an open ear (and mind) about what they have to say, too. You might learn something new in the process.

There's no escaping this mixed feeling!

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Firstly, happy birthday to the DMW star. Chioma's one and only, America born Nigerian Superstar and Adeleke's heir. To celebrate his birthday, we're throwing back to the awards the multi-million superstar has won.

Davido`s popularity in Nigeria cannot be overestimated. As of November 7, 2016, this prominent Nigerian musician has already won 26 awards. He has also been represented in 125 nominations.

Davido awards in 2018:

Afropop male artist of the year (Nigerian entertainment awards, NEA)

The headies award for song of the year

The headies award for artist of the year

BET award for best international act

Davido awards in 2017:

Best African Artist  (MTV Europe Music Awards).

Afropop male artist (NEA)

MTV Europe music award for best African act

Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) for best single

The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize For Music

Davido awards in 2016:

City People Music Award for Best Collabo of the Year

Davido awards in 2015:

Best Male Act (MTV Africa Music Awards)

Artiste of the Year (MTV Africa Music Awards)

Nigeria Teen Choice Award For Celebrity Award (male category)

Davido awards in 2014:

Music Video of the Year “Aye” (Ben TV Awards)

Best Afro Pop Video “Aye” (Nigeria Music Video Awards)

Best Male Singer (MTV Africa Music Awards)

Artiste of the Year (The Headies)

Song of the Year “Aye” (The Headies)

Hottest Single of the Year “Aye” (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

Best Collaboration “Gallardo” RunTown featuring Davido (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

Male Artist of the Year (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

Artist of the Year (MTV Africa Music Awards)

African Artiste Of The Year (Ghana Music Awards)

Musician Of The Year (Male) (City People Entertainment Awards)

Best International Act: Africa (BET Awards)

Best Male West Africa (African Muzik Magazine Awards)

Artist of the Year (African Muzik Magazine Awards)

Davido awards in 2013:

Hip Hop World Revelation (The Headies)

Best R&B/Pop Album “Omo Baba Olowo” (The Headies)

Best Pop/R&B Artiste of the Year (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

Davido awards in 2012:

Best Newcomer Award (Kora Awards)

Best New Act of the Year (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

Best Collabo of the Year (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

Hottest Single of the Year “Dami Duro” (Nigeria Entertainment Awards)

The Headies Award for Next Rated (The Headies)

Most Gifted Newcomer Video of the Year “Dami Duro” (Channel O Music Video Awards)

Best Video by a New Artiste (Live Beats Choice) – “Aye” (Nigeria Music Video Awards)

Davido awards in 2011:

Promising Youth Artiste (Dynamix All Youth Awards)

Song of the Year (Dynamix All Youth Awards)

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You should know that this isn't a valuable news but just a minor delinquent act on social media. Ladies are quick to lash out on men who see them as sex objects but are also quick to raise such havoc. Yes, most ladies are innocent of this claim but the percentage of the ladies guilty of this isn't making it easy for these other (innocent) ladies.

A lady had on Sunday, found the most cheapest and affordable way to gain engagement and activity on her twitter account by uploading a sultry picture of her. Kudos to her!

With so much confidence she announced her arrival on twitter. 

She wrote; "I am new here, Be nice to me"

She got the kind of engagement she yearned for as people began retweeting, liking and commenting.

A follower also commented; 

"Please you need a new app to contain you. You’re too much for us here. Thank you. Yours Faithfully, Twitter".

Another user wrote;

"How many boobz do u av plz

Am seeing one under d two. Lolz"

Whereas, one user chastised her for objectifying the women-folk in a society where men are most times blamed for doing such:

"On daily basis, women here take a dig at men for objectifying women as objects meant for sexual gratification. And please note, this is not a one off thing. Bearing tweets like this in mind, who is to be blamed for the alleged objectification of women? Men or women".

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I should be home before 7pm; I am usually an early-home-kind of person. Anna had insisted I stayed a little while and meet the tall boy with the polished accent. Every other girl in the room pretended like they were waiting for omacabs; the application was a bit faulty at that time so it was a good excuse for them to hang around.  We all came here with omas so it was simply wise to go home with omas.

They hung around the tiny room sighing and waving their phones in the air at an attempt to get network that their phone already had. One particular girl with a barbed voice and an oblong face strode to the middle of the room in a six inches black sandal. I thought she was going to trip because her weight felt too big for the tiny heeled sandals she stood on. She wasn’t a fine girl and nobody in the room took notice of her except her cliques who giggled and made irritating sounds.

‘Which one of you has hope in going home with him?’ she asked to no one in particular, so nobody answered. She must have felt her swag bruised because she started pointing at some other girls in the room. A girl with a very pale and scarred skin raised her voice at the fat girl and told her to shut up. Soon a verbal war broke out between the two with nobody taking any particular interest in their banter.

Soon the room went back to its quiet anticipating state. Anna soon got bored as well because she started looking at her phone. ‘We should go already. I am not interested in this thin boy’, I told her.

‘You only say that because you’ve not seen him. Wait till you do’. I sighed and relaxed back into my stool. Half an hour later, we were all still waiting for the boy with the polished accent. I stood up and went into the restroom. I was furious, how can one single boy keep 25 girls waiting for close to 5 hours. I thought they were all mad to even wait. Don’t they have parents or people waiting on them? How can they stay out so late? The night is just so beautiful, yet bad.

I’ve seen his picture somewhere and he isn’t as fine as they say, he was just lucky to have a polished accent. 

When I came into the room, they were all gone. Anna’s bloody phone sat on my stool. It had been recording. The video was blurry and unclear but I could make out his accent. He had come and taken them away. I felt gloomy that I wasn’t part of the girls but where were they taken to? 

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Someone shrieked my name from the background, I didn't have to look to know who it was; my mother. Her presence doubled my determination; I closed my eyes once again not minding her sorrow laden pleas. I slowly disengaged my hands on the wall, this was it but as I was about to drown my sorrows by taking this one jump, an arm grabbed me, it was strong, couldn't be my mother. I looked up at the owner, his face blurry due to the heavy tears in my eyes. He said the word 'please' I starred on at him, he was a stranger not anyone I knew. He couldn't see that I have to do this, he couldn't see that this was somehow going to be a relief to me; that dying at that moment was going to be a lifted burden. "U can't see me" I slowly muttered and slipped from his arms. He screamed Nooo or maybe it was my mother behind him, as I hung in the air with only his hands holding me from embracing this evil destiny.

I looked down it was really a very long way to go, making me a bit scared. "I see you" he suddenly said, he repeated it again making me look up. New tears broke through. "Hold my hands" he said "and don’t let go, please" I just held his hands suddenly scared with blood rushing through my face and head. He pulled me up and we fell on the cold hard floor of my balcony. With me lying on top of him, I didn't let go. I embraced him with all I've got as he repeated yet again "I see u Etomi"

That day had changed me somehow. The press had wanted to know what happened, interviews had been granted; ‘don’t make alcohol your soul mate while partying in your balcony' I had said, smiling at the camera. I closed my media account not wanting to bear any insults, the inevitable news and its papers were enough to make me want to go on a second journey. Mother had given me a sound slap the moment we were alone. She made me promise and I had promised. 

My prince charming had been my new assigned officer; I never knew I had one. Well there were many things I didn't know. I knocked once on his door and waited for an answer, none, I knocked again then again. He slowly opened. We stood at the door to his room that was close to mine. “Thank you" I said. “Never really had the opportunity ". He looked at me then scoffed. “I was doing my job ma'am ". His words were swift cuts. I stared at him, surprised he could say that. “you saw me, what did you see?" I asked, suddenly desperate. He looked at me like I disgust him and said "nothing” I starred at him a while longer and left. I cancelled all following interviews giving an order that I wanted to be alone. Mother stayed a little longer and I wondered if she would ever leave and when she did I knew she wouldn't let me be all by myself even though I promised. It wasn't long before I heard a knock. I just needed to be alone and stayed put not wanting to answer. The knock came again, louder this time. I knew if I didn't answer, it was going to cause an uproar, maybe I had finally gone through with it. I sighed and got up to answer. Opening the door, was my prince charming officer. I let him in and walked to my bed, he was here to do his job, babysit me. He followed me in and I wondered if it was proper, he was suppose to be at the door if am correct. "Am sorry. I didn't mean what I said earlier" he said. I looked up at him, "am truly sorry", he repeated.”What did you see?" I asked him again.

 A broken soul, he sees a broken soul. I Don’t think I have ever been described better starting from when mother had enrolled me in that competition at the age of 7 and I had did my best coming out in the second place. Mother had smashed my little trophy and said my best was not enough. I could remember her question once we were out of there; she had asked “do you want to be in the second place all your life? Once you start, you've started. You don’t smile when you wound up second Etomi. It’s a disgrace and I know you could do better “And throughout the years she had enrolled me in few more competitions and auditions. I never got anything reasonable until the age of 19 when I was picked by __talent finders._ Mother had signed the contracts. I never knew what it was all about but she said things were going to be better. My life has changed that minute, I was told what to speak, how to sing, how to stand and pose, what to wear and who to meet and stay with. My life wasn't my own. I wasn't living anymore. I simply existed...a robot. I would have to sleep with my label managers if I wanted to not just rise but also to shine. Mother had said that good things don't come easily and that she was right behind me. I was later linked to the most ill-looking celebrity artiste and that was when all the sleeping and word abuse stopped. We collaborated in a song I most certainly found highly vulgar and the music dance, unacceptable but Mother had said it was okay since we won the award and in the process making me more successful. I drank and partied, smoked and partied, slept with some of my collaborators for hit music. That was the circle of my life for years. And hate shades were not easy too. I was in the top 10 of celebrities who were bad influence. Nothing I did mattered. They said I was going to end up in a rehab and probably die in the tub in my bathroom. I was tired of merely existing and since living has proven 'not' possible, maybe not living was the best. I just couldn't continue, couldn't go on. I had sat on the walls of my balcony, my life flashing before my eyes, ready to let go.

Ola is an endowed fictional and non-fictional writer with a fiery twist to her writings, which always keeps readers coming back for more. She is an impulsive reader with a flair for things unusual.

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Fela Anikulapo Kuti was born on the 15 October 1938 and passed away on 3 August 1997 due to Kaposi's sarcoma. He was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, strict political nonconformist, human rights activist, musician, composer and pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre. There is no doubt that Afrobeat pioneer has paved the way for many musicians in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the legend

1. Fela Anikulapo Kuti was born by the name Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti on 15 October 1938 and pasted away on 3 August 1997 due to kaposi’s sarcoma. He stated that “Ransome” was his slave name and his middle name, Anikulapo means “He who carries death in his pouch”.

2. His father, Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti was the first president of the Nigeria Union of Teachers and was an Anglican minister. His mother, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was a feminist activist.

3. He studied music at the Trinity College of Music in London. He is the cousin to Wole Soyinka, a Nigerian writer and a member of the Nobel laureate.

4. He married his first wife, Remilekun Taylor in 1960 and they were blessed with 3 beautiful children. Later on, to mark the anniversary of the attack on the Kalakuta Republic, Fela married 27 women in 1978.

5. He formed the band “Koola Lobitos” which played highlife and jazz music. He also trained as a radio producer for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.