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Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend. The famous F word we thank God for every week.
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Thursday is end day in weekend. Today you are so tired and will think about how was your week and how will go on Thursday. With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself, or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything leads to something.



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What did you do last years Christmas?

Nothing? Are you for real? wow, so you'd a boring Christmas holiday.

Oh you did something, what was that?

Before you start listing all the concerts and shows you did or didn't attend, Christmas is beautiful and you make it beautiful with a lot of things asides decorations and outings 

Anyways, just in case you plan on not travelling out of Enugu or out of anywhere this Christmas holiday, here's a short fun list of things you should probably do.

1. Go to church on the 24th (i.e, Christmas vigil) and of course go to church on the 25th. That's the whole point of the holiday after all.

2. You probably have been to the mall more than you've been to charity homes, so pick a day between now and 5th of January and visit a charity home. Maybe the motherless babies, home for the handicapped or old peoples homes or orphanages. Motherless babies home and orphanages are the same right? You know what I'm talking about so just visit any of the charity homes. Whatever do you need to go to the mall for everyday?

3. Donate your old clothes, shoes, bags, etc. to churches or send it home to your village for those kids with none. You probably have more than your closet can hold. Take a day to sort them out.

4. If you know you promised your niece, cousin, sibling or yourself something before the end of the year and you're yet to fulfill it, time has proven to be no ones best friend. Fulfill those promises to the best of your ability.

5. If for any reason you are going to have a New years resolution then you should keep to it. I've had a couple of New Year resolutions in the past few years and I've kept to none. Its relatively difficult as it is almost impossible. So its either you don't make any or you make one you can easily keep.

6. Don't be anywhere you wouldn't want to be this holiday season. The most important place to be is with your loved ones. Never forget that. You don't need to be in a club or a lounge or a hotel simply because that's where things are happening. Be with your loved ones; boo, family, friends. 

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Yewande Jinadu-This article is for young adults and professionals currently navigating their way through major career decisions, or those simply in search of a more fulfilling career. A lot of times, we often leave our destiny to fate and luck. I’m a strong believer of God and that He can work out miracles but we should always have a plan. Although, it’s God who will make those plans come to reality, we also have a part to play. It’s like a student who stays all night praying instead of studying, failure will definitely be the final destination.

It’s pathetic seeing professionals with over 10 years’ experience and they are not still sure where they are going to. This is because they have left their career development to the hands of their employer. In building a successful career, you have to be deliberate.

1. Write down a well detailed career plan. You need to set personal targets for yourself quarterly.

2. Your career plan should contain a very honest SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis of your skills and abilities. This should be documented and regularly worked on.

3. Your career plan should contain your core values. This should guide you on the things you stand for and should never compromise on. Your core values form part of your brand and what anyone should be able to say about you.

4. Write down a yearly goal/plan with details of how you plan to achieve them. What are the skills you need to acquire in each year (break it down to quarterly targets). This helps put you on your toes. What are the Certifications/Trainings needed and what are your plans to achieve it. If you need to start saving for it, put details of how much you want to start setting aside for investment in yourself. What books do you need to read and what is your plan of achieving it?

5. Returns on Investment should be stated in your career plan. It should detail how much you plan or think you should be earning in various years.

6. Your career plan should also be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound)

Truth is that not all plans would work the way we have planned them for various reasons. You are not meant to be rigid in your plans also as God can have something better in mind for us. However, it is still good not to be tossed around by the wind. As mentioned earlier, deliberate efforts produce deliberate results. Although, a lot of success stories are a result of luck, there are some who were a product of deliberate handwork.

It’s advisable we have a mentor we can share this plan with who will guide us and lead us in the right way. Above all, commit your ways to God because he alone can help us.

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The fat girl with the weak hair came into the salon; I scoffed and looked down at my phone. What has she come to do? I wondered. It seemed like every other persons thought aligned with mine cause they began murmuring. Honestly, I wasn’t a bit surprised; everybody wants to look good for the holiday, that’s why we’re all here, right? The second hair dresser called out to me. Finally it was my turn. I started explaining my style to her when a child dropped her pure water on my weave-on. I screamed and pushed her away.

'Are you mad? Do you know what that hair cost? What is the matter with you? Where is your mother? Who brought this child here? You’re not going anywhere today, something is wrong with you'.

The child had started sobbing long before I began raking, I didn’t hear her or the pleas of the other girls in the salon. These people are mad if they think I’m just going to be so forgiving about this. The slim man who owns the salon pleaded and offered to dry the hair. I sighed. Children of nowadays, what do they think they’re doing in salon for young girls? Don’t they have fear? As a child I never dared go through the front door if my parents have a visitor.

The child came in again; she carefully avoided my rusty stare. Good for her. If she were my sister, I’d have spanked the living daylight out of her. I was still very angry. Uche has complained that my temper is so very tiny. I had laughed and playfully denied it. I get really angry over the most minimal issue and overlook the massive ones. 

I thought of Uche, I love that boy scatter. My friend keeps telling me to wake up. According to her no guy is worth waiting for, especially the one that I’d once hurt. I know she’s right. I’ve hurt him once and I don’t want to hurt him again. That’s why he doesn’t love me. You see, it’s very complicated. He cares for me but doesn’t love me. I used to think of leaving him and seeking love elsewhere but then I realized that I’m not in much of a hurry.

Speak of the devil; 'Hello'.

'I’m almost done'. 'No, some little child dropped her water on the hair'.

'No joor, I didn’t hit her'. 'I just pushed her a little'.

'Hahaha'. 'I’ll call you when I’m done'. 

'Your hair is fine'. I told the fat girl. I wasn’t mocking her, her hair is really fine. Maybe I should just make her style, it’s plain and hasty. 

Finally, my hair was dried. I don’t even know which is less painful, braiding or fixing. I winced in pain; this second hairdresser’s grasp is quite hurtful. I told the slim man to come braid it biko. The second hairdresser screwed up her face and walked away.

' Biko your grasp is painful, do you want me to have headache?' 

'I don’t like this style, I told you invisible parting. Sorry I mean visible. Yes nah, the one you close up abi? I don’t know again biko; I just don’t want it to be open'. 

The first hairdresser came back from her house job and took over from the slim man. Halfway into the braiding, I stood up and went to have lunch. They must have been furious because when I got back they were quite reluctant to touch my hair again. 

I resumed chatting on my phone. My twitter was buzzing with stupid tweets. I had written a post about the child who spilled water on my hair. While some girls could relate with my episode some other people rained insults and hurtful statements at me. I replied none. One particular Muslim girl said that Allah will deny me a child. Is this person mad? So if someone spoils my property I should applaud him/her and offer them a bowl of ice-cream. 

@Oma.Sass Reply to @Aisha_Bala @Oma.Sass “You must be very mad. Come let me burn your hijab so that you’ll buy me Pizza. Something is really wrong with you. Carry your Allah and get out of my tweet”.  

I was already getting furious. Some of these people are quite mad. So I shouldn’t scold a child anymore? She could have spoilt my hair and they expected me to pamper her. 

That one is their business; the tweet has already gotten enough visibility and engagement. I scrolled down and stumbled upon a very disturbing image. My curiosity lands me in pit-holes I could’ve easily avoided. I clicked view image and the picture staring at me is enough to keep me awake for 40 nights. I usually don’t mind seeing that kind of thing o but this one had an effect on me. Two children, about the same age as the child I’d earlier told off; they’ve been severely burnt and butchered. It’s like someone was preparing a human barbecue. The story behind it was that their gate man was caught in the act of packaging them inside indomie cartons. I was shocked, my skin paled and fear crossed my face. What has this world turned into? People are no longer safe in their houses. A homeless man is even safer under the bridge these days. 

I’ve already said that I’ll never have a house keeper. Maybe a gate man but my children will be sternly bound from being around him and he in turn bound from the main house. I’ll have about 3 washing machines, a dishwasher and a vacuum cleaner. A cook will only come in when there’s an occasion or when I’m too stressed out to prepare anything or when it’s a meal I don’t know how to prepare. A cleaner will only come in thrice a week. My workers (cook and cleaner) will be recruited from a renowned company. I’ve already mapped out how my household would be run. All these social media stories will not play out in my household, Amen.

My phone rang, Uche was calling again. I told him I’d soon be done. 

'Please you people should be fast, I need to be somewhere. Biko, how long does it take to fix this hair sef?'

I opened the Omacabs app my boss had insisted we all get, I was somehow glad I downloaded it. 'I hope they respond as soon as possible or they better expect a twitter blast from me'

The first hairdresser plugged in the electric curler, I wrapped the thick towel around my neck and shoulder; I’m not taking any chances.  Soon she was done; I got up and gave her a thousand naira. She asked the second hairdresser how much we’d bargained, the second hairdresser with her square face said yes. I smiled and left the salon, I think someone hissed. I don’t care. 

I was in a hurry to meet up with Uche for our date. It’s not common that we go on dates, so I needed to look good and that includes taking an OMA premium ride. They better make me an OMA ambassador.

Hi, this is one of my fictional stories and I could write more.

Like this? Share to your friends and I’ll be posting more.

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Yewande Jinadu: So you’re super excited that you just got a job offer, after days/weeks/months/years of your job search. Then you find yourself having to deal with the anxiety that comes with planning for your first day at work.

Landing a job is great, but making the right impression and succeeding on the job will definitely put an icing on the cake for you.

Here are some tips that will help you be in your first week:

Be prepared physically

My first day at work started out pretty well, but ended terribly when I realized I forgot my wallet while I was about to board a bus (halfway home). The story of how I walked a long distance (in the most uncomfortable shoes) made it awful.

Ensure you have comfortable clothes and accessories ready and ironed for the first week. Observe the dress code of the staff during the interviews, so you don’t go overboard while trying to impress on your first day at work.

Absorb as much information as you can

You would be getting more than enough information during your induction/on-boarding program. This is a very important aspect of your success at work and getting it wrong at this stage may be chaotic. Be a good listener and observe a lot of things. The company culture is something you should pay proper attention to, and ensure you don’t behave like an outcast.

Set expectations

It’s easy to get so involved with your tasks or the organizations goals that you lose yourself, which may affect your career. During the first week of integration, understand the company’s goals see how you fit into the goals, then map out a career path for yourself. Document these expectations: including dates; things you want to achieve on the job to enable you be a top performer and how you plan to do that; skills you hope to gain on the job and the people who would help you gain this skills; mentors you need to identify, that would help you get to your destination.

Beware of the manipulators

There is a special category of employees that you need to be mindful of, so that you don’t lose your joy even before it started. I call them manipulators. These are the employees that are highly disgruntled and would look for the slightest opportunity to drag you into their cabal. Always keep an open mind and don’t always accept everything they say hook, line and sinker.

Manipulators complain and make you feel like you made a mistake joining the company, since they are looking for an exit. Don’t be confrontational with these people or try to argue with them, because you can never win that battle. Just listen, nod your head, filter the information and move on. Be emotionally intelligent when dealing with them.

I wish you the best in your career journey.

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I don't know why anyone will not appreciate literary work, no matter how little time you spend on them. From poems to stories to art sketches to dramas to musics, you need to have interest in at least two literary works. 

The crater library which was founded by a very talented, very beautiful, very amazing young lady, Adachukwu Onwudiwe; birthed this platform where writers and all lovers of literature will come together to share their works. Before all these, she's a Librarian and a Public Library Advocate.

The Crater Literary Festival 2018 is a 2 days celebration of every form of literature, art, and theater.

It will feature novelists, poets, illustrators, spoken word artists, publishers, who shall come together to share their works and ideas on how to boost the creative industry in southeast Nigeria.

This year’s second edition will be held at the Radio Nigeria Enugu Broadcasting House Event Hall,Onitsha road, Enugu.

The Theme is the Landscape of Creativity. Panel discussions and conversations will focus on the

-Role of creativity in national development.

The Crater Literary Festival 2018 which will last 2 days will feature activities such as;

• engaging panel discussions with authors, publishers, comic illustrators, and


• book reading sessions with 4 local authors;

• fiction writing class;

• poetry writing class;

• poetry performance;

• an art exhibition;

• a tour of the national library;

• drama and dance;

• and stimulating literary games.

It is expected that more writers and creative artists resident in south-east Nigeria will gain

more publicity and Enugu state will also get a boost in literary tourism.

The target audience includes writers, artists, publishers, students, academics, literature and art aficionados.

Maybe you've not heard of this yet but at least now you know and you know you've to be here.

Check this out: