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Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun told Senate Committee on Finance that
the 23,000 ghost workers discovered in the Federal Civil Service would
be handed over to EFCC.
Adeosun, who made the revelation when she appeared before the committee,
said banks that connived with the workers to pad the Federal government
payroll are also going to be prosecuted.
“We will not only sack them, we will ensure the recovery of the money
they have been collecting over the years from the Federal government.”
she said.
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In a press statement made available to the News Agency of
Nigeria (NAN) yesterday, in Minna, the management of the Federal University of
Technology (FUT), Minna, has said that the arrested recruiter for the Islamic
State of Iran and Syria (ISIS), Abdulsalam Yunusa had long absconded from the university.

Even though they said he was admitted into the University in
2010/2012 academic session, they claimed the suspect did not register for the 2015/ 2016 academic session which shows he was no longer a student of the institution.
The statement also said Abdulsalam Yunusa was a weak student who last
registered in 2014/2015
academic session but absconded after the first semester
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President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed 24-year-old Bashir Ahmad as his Personal Assistant on New Media.

Bashir made the announcement on his Twitter yesterday

Prior to his appointment, the Kano state indigene and Mass Communication graduate from Bayero University Kano, was the Online Editor (Hausa) for Leadership Newspaper.

He will oversee President Buhari’s communication on social media and related platforms
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Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) said on Wednesday it was recalling 680,000 cars of its namesake brand in the United States because Takata-made (7312.T) airbags in them could be defective.

The recall affects models built between 2006 and 2014, a spokesman said, declining to comment on how much the recall could cost.

Daimler (DAIGn.DE) said late on Tuesday it would recall 840,000 U.S. vehicles with Takata airbag inflators that could be defective, resulting in a charge of 340 million euros ($382.53 million) for the carmaker.

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Update: DMX has been released from the hospital. His lawyer, Murray Richman, also confirmed that the rapper was not breathing when police found him. Swizz Beatz says that DMX is doing fine, though.  

DMX was revived by the police last night outside of his Yonkers hotel after he was found unconscious as the result of an alleged overdose, TMZ reports. Upon finding him, police noted that the rapper wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. They gave him CPR and administered Narcan, an antidote for opioid overdoses, which revived him. He is currently in a hospital and in stable condition.

According to TMZ, a witness told cops that DMX had ingested a “powder” before falling unconscious, but as of this morning he denies taking any powder or drugs. Instead, X remembers experiencing shortness of breath after suffering bronchitis for a couple of days. A family member says DMX asked for his inhaler right before he fell unconscious, but they couldn’t get to him in time.

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DMX has been hospitalized after collapsing on Monday evening (Feb. 8).

According to TMZ, the rapper, who has a history of asthma-related incidents, began complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath while outside the Ramada Yonkers in New York. Members of his entourage reportedly tried to find his inhaler, but when they did, he had already collapsed. A later article on the site also claims that DMX was not breathing and had no pulse, but was thankfully resuscitated. Cops reportedly gave him Narcan, an antidote to narcotic overdoses, after a source says that the rapper “ingested some sort of powder” before losing consciousness. He is currently being treated in an unspecified nearby hospital.

This is not the first time that X (real name Earl Simmons) has been in the news. He reportedly had a warrant out for his arrest in December after failing to pay child support, which came just a few months after serving a brief stint in jail for the same reason. He was arrested a second time in October for contempt of court. He was also accused of robbing a man in New Jersey on Easter Sunday 2015, but the rapper refuted the claims, stating, “It’s not the first thing I’ve been accused of that I didn’t do. If I did it, you would have known about it. Like, for real.”

Let’s hope he has a speedy recovery.

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Waris Ahluwalia stopped resisting rigorous airport security checks a long time ago.

The well-known Sikh American designer and actor says he’s grown accustomed to multiple bag searches, invasive pat-downs and incessant swabbing.

He’ll even let you massage his feet for foreign objects without protest.

After passing through two comprehensive screenings before his Aeromexico flight from Mexico City to New York City on Monday morning, he thought he was ready to board his plane. But security personnel thought otherwise.

“The security person said, ‘Now, will you take off your turban?'” Ahluwalia said, noting that he’s unsure of whether the man was employed by the airport, the airline, or both. “I said, ‘I won’t be taking off my turban here.’

“A group of Aeromexico employees spoke among themselves in Spanish and then one guy came back to me wearing an orange vest over a suit and said, ‘You will not be flying Aeromexico and you will need to book a flight on another airline.”

Instead of getting angry, the 41-year-old — who several years ago become the first-ever Sikh American model in a national Gap ad campaign — turned to social media, where he used his predicament to raise awareness about discriminatory airport screenings.

On Instagram, he wrote: “I was told I could not board my @aeromexico flight to NYC because of my turban.”

A second photo showed a somber-faced Ahluwalia standing in front of the airline’s customer service desk in Mexico City.

“My turban and beard represent my commitment to equality and justice,” Ahluwalia said in a statement distributed by the Sikh Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group that works on behalf of followers of the monotheistic faith, which originated in South Asia in the 15th century. “If security personnel would like to respond with bigotry and fear then I will take another flight that’s more inclusive.”

In the United States, according to the Sikh Coalition, security agents are allowed to pat down or swab a passenger’s turban with permission. Failing that, they can ask a passenger to step into a private area for a secondary screening.

Ahluwalia said airports all over the world follow similar rules, but he suspects that employees working at Aeromexico’s gate hadn’t been trained to screen Sikh passengers.

Phone calls and emails requesting comment from Aeromexico were not immediately returned.

Hours after he was barred from boarding the plane, Ahluwalia remains inside the Mexico City airport. After his story made headlines in the United States, Aeromexico offered him another ticket and told him he wouldn’t have to remove his turban, but Ahluwalia refused to accept it.

He’s now refusing to fly another, “more inclusive” airline, too.

“At this point,” he said, “I realize that this isn’t about my convenience or getting home for lunch today. I realize that if I walk away, somebody else was going to go through this experience again.”

He added: “It doesn’t feel like a choice I can make. I don’t think I can just get on that plane.”

He’s refusing to leave, until the three demands — noted in a Sikh Coalition tweet — are met.

Ahluwalia, who is Indian American, has been featured in multiple best-dressed lists, including this Vanity Fair slideshow from 2010 touting his fashionable taste. He has also had roles in several Wes Anderson films alongside Hollywood stars such as Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman.

Even so, this is not the artist’s first brush with intolerance. In 2013, a Gap subway advertisement using his photo was defaced with anti-Muslim graffiti in New York, according to the Huffington Post.

The caption on the ad was changed from “Make Love” to “Make Bombs,” Huffington Post reported. The defacer also wrote “Please stop driving TAXIS” on the image.

In recent months, Sikh advocates say, there has been a growing number of violent and discriminatory incident targeting members of the religious group.

“For Sikh Americans, the unique markers of religious identity — the turban, the beard — these markers are associated with the markers of terrorism,” Simran Jeet Singh, a senior religion fellow at the Sikh Coalition.

In other words: “People see a Sikh and construe them as the enemy.”

Harsimran Kaur, the Sikh Coalition’s legal director, said in December that the backlash against people who are perceived as being non-American has been exacerbated by anti-Islamic statements made by Republican presidential candidates such as Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Carson has said that the United States should not elect a Muslim president, citing concerns about “different loyalties.” Trump has called for a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States.

“Trump’s statements legitimize nativist impulses,” Kaur said. “It’s why we’re seeing more profiling and vandalism and intimidating incidents. We’ve been speaking to the family of an elderly man who was hit in the head with an apple a few days ago. These are the kind of things that you start to see as the political rhetoric escalates.”

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The most advanced missile system on the planet can hunt and blast incoming missiles right out of the sky with a 100% success rate — and it appears to be headed to North Korea's backyard.
In order to deter North Korean provocations and further defend the Pacific region, the Pentagon deployed a THAAD battery to Guam in April 2013.

However, after the rogue regime's most recent launch, the US has reportedly agreed to deploy the THAAD to South Korea — which would counter almost all incoming missiles from the North.

The pressure to deploy THAAD is rapidly mounting, as US defense officials have cited North Korean missile developments.

Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of the United States Forces Korea, a sub-unified command of the US Pacific Command, told a forum in 2014 that placing THAAD in the country is a "US initiative."

Discussions to equip South Korea with THAAD were held during South Korean President Park Geun-hye's visit to the White House last October.

The THAAD missile does not carry a warhead. Instead, the interceptor missile uses pure kinetic energy to deliver "hit to kill" strikes to incoming ballistic threats inside or outside the atmosphere.

Each launcher carries up to eight missiles and can send multiple kill vehicles at once, depending on the severity of the threat.

Lockheed's missile launcher is just one element of the antimissile system.

By the end of 2016, the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is scheduled to deliver an additional 48 THAAD interceptors to the US military, bringing the total up to 155, according to a statement from MDA director Vice Admiral J.D. Syring before the House Armed Service Committee.

According to the US Missile Defense Agency, there are more than 6,300 ballistic missiles outside of US, NATO, Russian, and Chinese control.

Other US partners around the globe are interested in purchasing THAAD.

The United Arab Emirates has become the first foreign buyer after signing a deal with the Department of Defense for $3.4 billion. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have "expressed interest," according to Richard McDaniel, vice president of Patriot Advanced Capability programs at Lockheed Martin. "We expect deals," he added.

The UAE seems like a particularly appropriate buyer: In September, 45 of its troops deployed near Yemen were killed when an enemy missile struck an arms depot, a reminder of the strategic challenge of ballistic missiles falling into the wrong hands.

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Perhaps Ferrari deemed the LaFerrari name too simple? Maybe they read the Internet comments calling it the most stupid name in history? Either way, simplistic names at Ferrari are no more. This is the GTC4Lusso—in other words, the new version of the Ferrari FF.

It follows the release of the F12tdf, which looks ridiculous when written and has no connection to a famous bicycle race. As for the GTC4Lusso, apparently the name was inspired by famous old Ferraris such as the 330 GTC, 330 GT and 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. Why it can’t just be called the 2017 FF, I don’t know. But it can’t. 

Nevertheless, the four-seat, all-wheel-drive, everyday Ferrari has been a revelation since its birth in 2011. This new one should be no different, with more power, more technology and better aerodynamics. Pricing isn’t yet released, but like the FF, which cost around $300,000, the GTC4Lusso won’t come cheap. But it will come to the Geneva motor show, where we’ll get to see it live in person.

Check out the image captions for detailed information on Ferrari’s new grand tourer.

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More than two dozen Indonesians have died after drinking bootleg alcohol in central Java, police said Monday.

Investigators said a majority of the victims died after purchasing home-made liquor from a couple in Sleman, a town north of Yogyakarta city, local police said.

"Most of the victims were students," Sleman police chief Yulianto, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

The first death occurred last Wednesday, with more fatalities reported soon after.

The police have arrested the couple who sold the concoction of ethanol, water and fruit that is believed to have caused 22 deaths. Four other people were also killed by bootleg liquor sold by another vendor, who has also been arrested.

There have been several previous cases where bootleg alcohol has proved fatal in the Muslim-majority country.

In 2014, more than a dozen Indonesians in Java died after imbibing illicit booze to ring in the New Year.

In 2009, 25 people including four foreigners died after drinking methanol-laced palm wine on the resort island of Bali.

Last year, authorities banned small shops from selling alcohol, triggering warnings from health advocates that the move could push people to purchase black-market spirits.

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