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Elon Musk Advises X Users to Unblock all Blocked Accounts

Elon Musk Advises X Users to Unblock all Blocked Accounts 

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform X, has advised users to unblock any accounts they may have previously blocked.

The billionaire only replied, “It will bring you good fortune,” without explaining why this is significant. Musk stated that in order to facilitate unblocking, the platform will also have a “unblock all” tool that will let users who have blocked several accounts remove them all at once.

Musk’s advice coincides with an announcement from X regarding an update to the platform’s block capability. Users will now be able to view the responses from accounts that they have blocked, claims X.

However, many platform users feel that the status quo should be maintained, hence they are not in favour of the new modification that X announced. They contend that posts from blocked accounts need to be inaccessible.

On X, the block feature gives users more control over how they communicate with other users’ accounts. This feature makes it easier for users to ban certain accounts from getting in touch with, viewing, and following them.

Elon Musk declared last year that the platform would be getting rid of the block feature. But it was rendered impossible as every social media app listed on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store has to offer that feature.

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