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<strong>The Capri-Sun and Booze Party: A Night of Fun, Nostalgia, and Networking!</strong>
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The Capri-Sun and Booze Party: A Night of Fun, Nostalgia, and Networking! 

The highly anticipated Capri-Sun and Booze Party, hosted by Accolades Inc., took place on the 15th of July at the vibrant and colourful Thrillz and Groove Lounge. The atmosphere was nothing short of thrilling, capturing the essence of fun, nostalgia, and excitement that lingered in the air.

BlueprintAfric, a pioneering force in the modern media landscape and the Headline Media Partner was ecstatic to be part of this extraordinary event. As a media organization committed to bringing premium content and entertainment to audiences across all social media platforms, BlueprintAfric knew this party would be something special.

At the heart of the event was the iconic ‘Capri-Sun,’ a refreshing fruit drink that took everyone back to their childhood memories. The joy of sipping this beloved drink again was a shared experience that bound all attendees together.

The party was a melting pot of popular artists, creatives, and influencers from within and outside Enugu State. With a diverse range of activities, there was something for everyone. From music and live performances to face painting, board and card games, basketball hoops, fashion pop-ups, and video games, guests were spoilt for choice.

The presence of various booths and stalls allowed party-goers to participate in interactive games and try their hand at art, making the event even more engaging. This sense of community and inclusivity brought people closer and allowed networking opportunities with stars and creatives in a fun and relaxed environment.

BlueprintAfric and other sponsors, including Hollandia, Afia TV, Spotify, Ji Shen, Dinta Media, Build-X, and Strix, played a crucial role in making the event a grand success. Their support and contributions ensured that the Capri-Sun and Booze Party surpassed all expectations.

Some of the notable faces spotted in the crowd were: the founders of C & C Digitals, Chisom and Chinaza; Uncle Head; Olisatherapper; Gravitee; Nancy the Creator; Marc Swagz; Igwe of the East; and a lot more. 

Marc Swagz at the Caprisun & Booze Party

The party wasn’t just about entertainment; it was a reminder that amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are always moments to unwind and have fun. The event served as a testament to the power of bringing people together for a memorable experience.

As the night came to a close, the memories created at the Capri-Sun and Booze Party lingered, leaving attendees with a sense of joy and satisfaction. BlueprintAfric, along with its fellow sponsors and Accolades Inc., couldn’t have been prouder to have been part of such a remarkable event.

If you missed out on this extravaganza, don’t worry! BlueprintAfric will continue bringing you more exciting events and premium content, so stay tuned and watch our social media platforms for future updates.

Until then, let’s raise a virtual Capri-Sun to the success of the Capri-Sun and Booze Party and the enduring spirit of fun and community it brought to all of us!

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