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Teddy A Recalls How He Proposed To Bambam
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Teddy A Recalls How He Proposed To Bambam 

The reality star talked about his marriage proposal to his wife.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Teddy A has revealed the moment he proposed to his bride.

In a recent edition of media personality Nedu’s podcast, the reality star said that he realized Bambam was his soulmate and chose to take the next step despite their ups and downs.

Many people were surprised when he stated that they had not communicated for two weeks before the proposal, and their relationship seemed to be on the verge of failing.

Teddy A gained clarity and the depth of his love for Bambam during a heart-to-heart talk with his brother in the United States.

He devised a plan to propose to her in the most memorable manner he could think of.

Teddy A duped Bambam’s manager and personal assistant by creating a tale about the governor asking for her attendance in addition to others. Bambam had no idea this was all part of Teddy A’s larger plot.

When she returned home, she was greeted with an emotional proposal from Teddy A, with whom she hadn’t talked in two weeks.

Long story short, “Double Wahala,” the pair that met as housemates on Big Brother Naija’s third season, has been happily married for five years and has two lovely children.


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