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Portable Says He Has Been Denied US Visa 5 Times As He Drags His Promoter
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Portable Says He Has Been Denied US Visa 5 Times As He Drags His Promoter 

Portable, a  street-pop star, has made headlines once more by revealing that he has been asked to pay 20 billion naira in damages after a disastrous US show.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Portable revealed in an Instagram live video that a specific Wale Bouncer had approached him with the promise of enabling a US Show, for which he had been paid the sum of 3.5 million by his prior management Ijoba Danku.

The failure of the US performance, according to Portable, was caused by his repeated attempts to obtain a visa, which he said he made five times in all.

The arrangements are already along, according to Portable, who disclosed that he has met a new promoter who would fly him to the US. The previous promoter Wale Bouncer has reportedly demanded 20 billion naira in damages due to this intention to play in the US at a concert organized by another promoter, according to Chief Portable.

“Let’s meet in Court,” Portable said, reiterating that he had only received 3.5 million from Wale and had already returned two million on two other occasions. He further said that he had no plans to pay any additional money in damages or compensation, and he challenged the promoter to sue him.

It is unclear what exactly the promoter is asking Portable for, as well as the real details of the dispute, which Portable failed to make apparent in his social media rage.

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