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<strong>Omah Lay Reveals He Was Deep in Pain and Smoking When He Made Hit Song “Soso”</strong>
Omah Lay
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Omah Lay Reveals He Was Deep in Pain and Smoking When He Made Hit Song “Soso” 

Omah Lay, a Nigerian superstar, has revealed the tale behind his popular song “Soso.”

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Omah Lay is a Nigerian musician whose work is pushing the creative frontiers of Afrobeats and introducing the genre to a worldwide audience. His famous tune, ‘Soso,’ in which he conveyed his suffering, became one of 2023’s most popular songs.

‘Soso,’ one of the main songs from Omah Lay’s first album, ‘Boy Alone,’ is a rap song. Omah Lay poured out his emotions with a fascinating tune connecting with audiences, and the music reflects the numerous challenges of fame.

In a recent interview with Steph TV, he discusses his mental condition before creating the smash tune. While analyzing the phrase “Water no get enemy, until you fall for Osimiri.” Omah Lsy clarified that he meant water is nice until you fall into it.

The famed Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti’s famous “Water no get enemy” statement has continued to be interpolated by other singers to communicate their opinions.

Omah Lay also claimed that when he created ‘Soso,’ he was in anguish and had to start smoking to cope.

‘Soso’ has had a lot of popularity in Nigeria because the song appeals to listeners attracted by the composition. Fans have grown to love the music more after learning about its significance.

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