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Apple Music Announces Qing Madi as Up Next Artist for Nigeria

Apple Music Announces Qing Madi as Up Next Artist for Nigeria 

Qing Madi, an Afrobeats singer-songwriter, is the newest featured artist in Apple Music’s Up Next artist development program in Nigeria, the company announced today.

“Being chosen for this month’s Apple Music Up Next program is a dream come true at 17,” she tells Apple Music. “I hope to give a voice to all teenagers across Nigeria and Africa, to confirm that their dreams are valid.”

Qing Madi, a Benin City native, started her career by taking part in school talent shows and singing in the church choir. Despite her youth, she was able to secure a spot in the adult choir due to her remarkable vocal abilities.

Qing Madi’s mother recognized her talent and enrolled her in a nearby ballet academy to help her develop her creativity outside of the classroom.

She learned how to memorize lyrics and recognize her own sound, which helped her develop her musical gifts. It turned out to be an extremely astute move, as she went on to win several dance awards.

Qing Madi’s debut single ‘See Finish’ (2022) was heavily influenced by her heritage and the lyrical genius of Kendrick Lamar. The song blended Afrobeats, pop, soul, and R&B, setting the groundwork for the fusion genre of music she was eager to create. It went viral on TikTok and peaked at #51 on Apple Music’s Nigeria Top 100 Songs chart.

Her most recent song, “Journey” (2023), is an Afrobeats call to the dance floor layered over R&B-heavy vocal lines that solidifies her status as a name to remember. You can stream it on Apple Music.

The recently released debut EP ‘Qing Madi’ by Qing Madi is the newest Up Next act to be featured in Nigeria and will be available on Apple Music’s Up Next playlist.

The editors of Apple Music have carefully chosen a diverse range of up-and-coming artists from all over the world for their Up Next playlist.

The playlist features a lineup of musicians that our global editors are enthusiastic about and want to share with a wider audience, regardless of their genre.

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