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<strong>3 Ex-Children Recount the “Dumbest” Things They Did in Their Childhood</strong>

3 Ex-Children Recount the “Dumbest” Things They Did in Their Childhood 

On Children’s Day, popular content creator, Hauwa, posted a hilarious video where she argued that children did not have any achievements to be celebrated for. They didn’t work, pay rent, or contribute to the family’s well-being in any way. Was she right? Maybe a little bit. But is there also a possibility that adults like Hauwa feel nostalgic about their childhood and just want to return to that carefree era where they didn’t have to worry about anything? I mean, wouldn’t we rather take that life over what adulthood is showing us right now? This makes us convinced that adulthood might be a scam after all.

In other news, we also believe celebrating children is very important because those little daredevils aren’t easy to raise at all. Our fellow “adults” also agree with this because some of them testified that if their kids did half the dumb things they themselves did in their childhood, they wouldn’t hesitate to give them up for adoption. That, right there, caught our curiosity, begging the question, “What the hell was this dumb stuff y’all did as kids?”

Well, below, are some of them! Let us know if you can handle these behaviours as a parent.


You know how kids always eat the craziest things? I wasn’t as young as those kids, but I was eating things that could even put my life in danger. When I was around 7 years old, I used to sip up lather from the sponge when doing the dishes. I also used to chew on my bathing soap and smoke up detergent from papers. My mom gave me all the beating she could, but I didn’t change at all, until one fateful day when my cup became filled. The compound had contributed some money and got some chemicals to repair the soakaway. My dad, who was in charge of the project, bought and stored the chemical in our bedroom. That was how I went to inspect the gallon that it was stored in. The smell was so strong that I decided to taste it. As I was about to drink it, my dad came in and caught me red-handed with the gallon in the air in front of my face. His expression told me all I needed to know about my fate. My dad used his belt to chase that spirit away from me that day and took me to my grandma’s place. He said he wouldn’t come back until he was convinced that I was changed. That was how I turned a new leaf.


As a child, when I got teased or intimidated by our neighbours’ kids, I would go as far as telling them that they would die in their sleep or that their loved ones would die in an accident. My father was late, so my mother had to handle a problematic child like me all to herself. She had tried everything from scolding to punishing me, but I wasn’t a physically strong child, so I couldn’t let go of the only power I had. One day, I had an encounter with a playmate and told him that his father would die in an accident. The very next day, the man in question was involved in an accident. The accident wasn’t severe, but I didn’t know this at the time. My mother teamed up with the man’s wife to make it seem like a ghastly accident and I was responsible for it. The woman even called the police who took me to their station and held me in one of their offices for hours. I was bawling my eyes out and was scared out of my mind because I believed I had killed the man. The police sentenced me to 3 days of spiritual deliverance, which my mother was all too happy to adhere to. What a sentence, right? But I was a child. What did I know? My mother took me to the ministry for 3 days and they delivered the dumbness out of me. They even told me to eat only once a day, and my mother, again, was happy to adhere to this. When I got back on the third day. I met my playmate’s father on his veranda, his legs crossed, reading a newspaper. He had a bandage on his head and arm but, besides that, he was fine. That was when it dawned on me that I had been played. My mother just told me that the experience should teach me a lesson and left me to my confusion. It was later that my playmate, who was slightly older than me, explained the ploy between both our mothers to me. I was already so shaken to the core that I had caused someone’s death that I couldn’t recover from that incident. Their plan sha worked because I never tried such a dumb thing in my life anymore.


I always loved running around with my older siblings when I was a child. My immediate elder brother was about 6 years older than me, so their adventures were way ahead of me. But I didn’t mind because they were interesting and they always wanted to bring me along. My mother was always bothered because my siblings were rough and she was scared that I would get hurt. But my dad convinced her that she shouldn’t worry. One time, we visited the village for the holidays. My siblings wanted to visit the stream and bring me along too. My mother refused their request to take me but, when she wasn’t looking, my dad approved. To cut a long story short, I saw a snake in the stream and thought it was a fish, so I grabbed it and it bit me. Twice! I was just so lucky that my grandfather was a herbalist and could treat snake bites. When I was stable, everybody collect from my mother. My dad, my siblings, and even my cousin who didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to come. Till today, I have a phobia of streams and snakes.

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