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Kunle Remi Reveals How A Gay Celebrity Asked Him To “Bend Over”
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Kunle Remi Reveals How A Gay Celebrity Asked Him To “Bend Over” 

Remi said that he almost gave in since he believed that he needed to act in this way to succeed in the business.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Nigerian actor Kunle Remi has talked about his encounter with a well-known performer who advised him he needed to bend his arse to succeed in the business.

Remi stated this in an interview with OAP Nedu’s podcast, “The Honest Bunch,” where he also said that someone had advised him that in order to succeed in the business, he needed to have sex with him.

When he was a student at the University of Ibadan, he said a buddy had introduced him to this performer.

He was then told by the aforementioned performer that he had to “pay his dues” in order to succeed in the business.

In his words, “Before I got into the industry, a friend in U.I then when I was in U.I said there is one of his friends who is an entertainer, he can guide you into the entertainment industry. When I got there this nigga started calling out names and started talking. He said why did you think you weren’t selected for the ultimate search, it’s because you haven’t paid your dues.

He added, “He painted this picture like if I didn’t bend my ass I wouldn’t make it.”

Further detailing the experience, he said, “This guy came downstairs with a candle and a jar of oil cause he said I am virgin. I need to use the lubricant so it can be slippery. He said from there he will connect me and I will be driving a Benz.”

Demands for the actor to expose the identity of the person have been loud on social media.

Watch full video below:

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