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Kiekie Opens Up On Why She Quit Her TV Presenting Job
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Kiekie Opens Up On Why She Quit Her TV Presenting Job 

Kiekie is now a well-known brand influencer and skit creator recognized for her amusing and engaging videos.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Kiekie, a skit maker and brand influencer, has spoken out about quitting her position as a TV presenter.

Her boss’s hostile attitude toward her pay increase request prompted her departure.

Instead of giving her the pay raise she had sought, her manager advised that she use her attractiveness to make more money, according to Kiekie. Because of this callous remark, she resigned.

The performer revealed this information during a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Kiekie is a well-known marketing influencer and producer of skits. She has a large social media following because of her funny and engaging videos.

She said, “I once had a boss that I complained to that “this salary you used to pay me is not sufficient. Can you pay me more?” And this man told me that, ‘Why are you stressing yourself? You are fine na, you are on TV, big, big men will see you, and they will give you money. That was how I sacked myself from that day.”

Kiekie rose to prominence for her distinct style and ability to attract people with her comedic material.

She has previously worked as a TV host. Thanks to her creative skills and engaging attitude, Kiekie continues to amuse her followers and build a reputation for herself in the digital arena.

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