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Iyanya Opened Up To Almost Committing Suicide In 2020

Iyanya Opened Up To Almost Committing Suicide In 2020 

Singer and songwriter Iyanya revealed that he was once at such a low point in his life that he almost took his own life.

During an interview for the Tea With Tay Podcast, the musician made this revelation and discussed the significant blow he experienced when his financial influx ceased. He described the sequence of occurrences that led to the low point he experienced in 2020.

It all began when his old talent agency sued him for allegedly stealing a work car, and the legal dispute went on for a whole year. He was unable to create music at that time or hold concerts or tours, which resulted in a downturn in his income.

He continued by describing how he lost his house while he was in court because he was unable to pay his bills, forcing him to reside in a hotel.

He said, “I was in court for a long time, I didn’t do shows. I couldn’t do anything. You know, when you stopped doing a show, you now have to fall back on your savings. But when you are popping, that inflow of money is different; the way you spend is different from the way you spend whatever you saved. So, I felt it. I was in that hotel throughout the lockdown. I almost committed suicide. The manager stopped me one time and took the sniper from my hand. All of that stuff. Madness, man.”

Iyanya revealed that the hotel manager saved his life just in time and was so generous about it that after saving his life, he allowed him to stay in the hotel room free of charge.

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