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“I’m Thinking Of Dropping An EP” -Carter Efe
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“I’m Thinking Of Dropping An EP” -Carter Efe 

One half of the duo behind the smash hit “Machala,” a song dedicated to Wizkid, an icon of Afrobeats, is Carter Efe. Carter Efe just stated in an interview that he is totally dedicated to music.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Carter Efe stated during a Channels Television interview with media personality Ebuka Obi Uchendu that he wrote the song “Machala” featuring Berri Tiga because of his passion for Wizkid.

Carter says that he has always been interested in music, even when he was younger when asked how he decided to become a musician.

Carter said that his love for Wizkid served as the motivation for “Machala” when asked about its source of inspiration.

“People also call me ‘Machala’ because I love Wizkid. The song is just for Wizkid FC and myself.”

When Carter wrote the song, he didn’t anticipate it to be as popular as it was, and the song’s enormous popularity surprised him.

When questioned if he ever reached out to Wizkid throughout the single, he said that he did it out of pure love for Wizkid even if he isn’t the kind to return such gestures.

When asked if he plans to keep recording music, Carter replies to Ebuka that he enjoys the cash his successful song has provided him and that he does plan to keep doing so. He also disclosed that he intends to release an EP.

Carter Efe admitted he doesn’t know why his music was removed from digital services. He said that after getting in touch with the distribution firm, they informed him that they were working on it.

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