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Goodluck Jonathan To Receive The African Icon Award At Kigali, Rwanda’s African Heritage Concert And Awards
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Goodluck Jonathan To Receive The African Icon Award At Kigali, Rwanda’s African Heritage Concert And Awards 

The African Heritage Concert and Awards, which are scheduled for April 1, 2023, in Kigali, the capital of the Republic of Rwanda, will celebrate former presidents of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, Tanzania’s late John Magufuli, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, and a host of other nations.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The event, according to its organizers, aims to recognize and honor individuals of African descent who have distinguished themselves through outstanding accomplishments across the world. According to the organizers, doing so is essential if you want to advance Afrocentrism and develop the brilliance of African culture.

Africans, particularly those in the diaspora, have made significant contributions to business, politics, philanthropy, entertainment/arts and culture, science and technology, and social innovation, which will be honored and celebrated at the African Heritage Awards and Concert.

The prize will emphasize the crucial relevance of culture and leadership, which the organizers feel is at the heart of any common achievement of socioeconomic and political development in Africa, in addition to conferring worldwide respect and recognition.

The Award will also shine a light on those who, in spite of adversity, have affected their sphere of influence and empowered their people in order to create a more sustainable and just development.

The organizers firmly affirm that the event will greatly contribute to changing the global perception of Africans and also spur the necessary critical mass for the attainment of cultural evolution and revolution in sustainable development, keeping in mind that Africa is the source of a multitude of people all over the world who continue to thrive and evolve despite the many issues and challenges resulting from stereotypes.

The highlight of the event will be imaginative performances by some of Africa’s top artists and the awarding of prizes to carefully chosen people who have had a significant positive effect on mankind. Presenters and leaders of note will give speeches, awards will be given, singers, comedians, and poets will perform, and the event will conclude with a party.

According to the organizers, the decision to hold the inaugural African Heritage Concert and Awards in the cosmopolitan city of Kigali was based on the country of Rwanda’s many achievements, which have raised her to the status of the pride and face of Africa in many ways.

The main goals of the Afri-History event are to break down prejudices by telling a fresh African story, inspiring people to celebrate their genuine heritage, and honoring Africans for their exceptional accomplishments. The event is also anticipated to Foster alliances and international assistance for development; Promote cultural exchanges and peer review activities; Build multi-stakeholder involvement in community participation; Harness cultural, political, and developmental concepts.

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