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From Volleyball Ace to Hip-Hop Star: The Epic Evolution of Ice Spice

From Volleyball Ace to Hip-Hop Star: The Epic Evolution of Ice Spice 

This volleyball player has become one of the biggest female rappers after only two years of making Music. 

How does she do it? At only 23 years old, Ice Spice became a viral sensation in hip-hop.

Isis Naija Gaston, better known professionally as Ice Spice, is an American rapper, although she has confirmed claims that she’s African. 

Her word was “I am a Nigerian. I don’t know which tribe, maybe Igbo.” She got the name Ice Spice from a Finsta handle when she was 14 years old.

At an early age, Ice Spice found a passion for poetry and writing and began writing music, spending most of her time indoors as a kid.  

Due to high crime rates in the Bronx, people watch YouTube. And at seven years old, she developed an interest in music after listening to rappers like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. 

Later on in high school, Isis started to excel as an athlete, playing volleyball for Sacred Heart High School in Yonkers and eventually earning a full ride scholarship to play for college and SUNY Purchase. However, she revealed that she only played college volleyball for a year and  decided it wasn’t for her after dropping out of college. 

She debated trying to become an actress as well as enrolling in beauty school before. Even though, her dad was an underground rapper, a career in rap didn’t seriously cross her mind until she met Ryan, an in-house producer, friend, and fellow Bronx native.

 She started taking music seriously after dropping her very first song. “Bully freestyle”

However, it wasn’t until just six months ago that everything changed. When she released “Munch,” she was launched into internet startups, with the single booming on Tik-Tok, with over 600,000 videos made to the song today. Ice Spice will soon sign a record deal and release her debut project, Like…?, and her viral climb has only continued.

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