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Dakore Akande Opens Up About Postpartum Depression
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Dakore Akande Opens Up About Postpartum Depression 

Many new moms suffer from postpartum depression, which is a serious disorder yet often remains undiagnosed by society.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Dakore Egbuson-Akande, a Nigerian actress, has spoken out about her struggle with postpartum depression and her road to recovery.

Dakore, a multi-brand ambassador and award-winning actress, discussed her mental health issues and the road she followed to overcome them in an interview on the podcast series With Chude.

Reflecting on her seemingly perfect life and the challenges she faced after becoming a mother, the actress revealed, “I had some slight complications after the birth of my daughter. I was in a sad state, and I just slipped into postnatal depression. I didn’t even realise it when it started happening.”

A talk with an older acquaintance assisted Dakore in determining the underlying reason for her mood fluctuations.

She sought professional assistance from her OB/GYN, who validated her postpartum depression symptoms.

The actress also said that she had ignored her creativity, which had begun to dwindle over four years away from work.

“I just had this consistent and persistent sadness – a lack of joy – almost like I would be struggling to reach the joy, then sometimes I would be very manic-like very happy, then very sad,” she revealed.

Dakore recognized the value of therapy and sought the assistance of a therapist who assisted her through the recovery process. Her therapist emphasized the importance of participating in things she enjoyed, recalling that she had been an actress since infancy. This was critical to her recuperation.

Dakore found that her sadness was caused by substantial life upheavals with the help of her therapist and a trustworthy friend.

She gradually but steadily returned to acting and the entertainment business, regaining control of her life and mental health.

Dakore Egbuson-Akande is a well-known Nigerian actress who has appeared in films such as Isoken, Fifty, The Set Up, and Chief Daddy.

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