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“Comedy Wasn’t My First Passion” Basketmouth Claims He Wanted to Be a Rapper.

“Comedy Wasn’t My First Passion” Basketmouth Claims He Wanted to Be a Rapper. 


Bright Okpocha, also known as Basketmouth, an internationally recognised Nigerian comedian, musician, actor, and producer, has generated outrage online with some recent revelations about himself and his childhood.

The comedian recently revealed some previously undisclosed facts about himself and his comedy career.
Basketmouth is one of Nigeria’s most famous stand-up comedians, but he recently admitted that comedy was not his first love, nor did he intend to make a profession out of it.
Bright also said that he grew up wanting to be a rapper, which sheds light on his love of music and the fact that he has two studio albums.

Basketmouth was recently featured on the cover of Thisday Newspaper’s weekend style magazine, Style, where he provided some insights about being a comedian and found he was a really great comedian.

During the interview, Bright stated that he never realised he was humorous growing up because he was always around a group of amusing friends. But he eventually realised the value of his comic talent and faced the choice between becoming a comedian or a rapper.

The popular comedian also said that his parents never discouraged him from being a comedian during his formative years. However, they only imposed one important condition on him: he must complete his education and graduate.

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