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British Star Singer Adele Confirms Marriage To Sports Agent 

The singer revealed the information during her friend Alan Carr’s comedy stand-up show in the United States.

Paul and Adele started dating in 2021. A few years ago, they first connected at a party, but they didn’t get together until later. Adele has expressed her love for Paul in public, referring to their relationship as “the most incredible, openhearted, and easiest” she has ever experienced.

Paul was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  He started his career selling vintage basketball jerseys out of the boot of his car. But the big break came from a fortuitous encounter with LeBron James in 2002 at an airport, when the young hustler was sporting a Houston Oilers jersey and turned heads.

“That was the initial connection. And then the attraction was probably because I was fly. It takes a special kind of person to acknowledge somebody else’s fly,” explained Paul in an interview with GQ.

“Fly could mean work, fly could mean dress, and fly could mean knowledge and expertise. Him not being so into himself allowed him to see that flyness. That was the initial attraction.”

The two first crossed paths on the dance floor at a friend’s party seven years ago. She later told Vogue, “He was always there; I just didn’t see him.” The two didn’t get back in touch until spring 2021, which was around the same time her father passed away.

They were first seen together as a couple in July of last year, when they were spotted courtside at the NBA finals. According to an eyewitness account on Entertainment Tonight, the musician and the viewer had “their eyes on each other almost as much as they did on the game” while seated next to each other, but they had no intention of making their relationship public.

Although Adele’s divorce from Simon Konecki was finalized in 2021, it ended in divorce in 2019. After eight years of dating, the couple had one son, named Angelo. They never disclosed their divorce’s cause to the public.

Adele claimed she wasn’t happy in her marriage and that she was “just going through the motions” in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. In addition, she expressed her desire for her son to grow up in a happy home with contented parents.

After divorcing, Adele and Konecki have maintained their good relationship and are still co-parenting their son.

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